Body Language Expert Calls out ‘Really Unfair’ Analysis of Meghan Markle, Says Some Spectators Wear ‘I Hate Meghan Goggles’

According to one body language analyst, some people love to hate Meghan Markle.

That expert argued that when those individuals see her as being “rude” in various social interactions, they might have “put on some I hate Meghan goggles” before rendering an opinion on her behavior.

Read on to learn what he concluded about her body language in the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s death and why he argued observers should dismiss biased sources.

Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

What Meghan Markle might have said to the royal aide about tribute flowers

Body language expert Spidey of The Behavioral Arts analyzed the walkabout at Windsor Castle, including Meghan’s interaction with a royal aide who sought to take flowers from her. He also brought in a lip-reading friend to help provide an analysis.

They concluded that Meghan said something to the aide like, “I told them I’d place them over there, so I’ll do that. Thank you. I appreciate that.”

The brief interaction has been picked apart, with some viewers perceiving that Meghan was rude, that she bullied the aide, and even that her smile was fake. Here’s what Spidey said about such speculation.

Body language analyst says some people love to hate Meghan Markle

According to Spidey, theories that Meghan bullied the royal aide miss their mark. He added that such a conclusion of the brief interaction is a “really unfair assessment” that seems biased.

“I think anybody who looks at this and sees that she’s being a bully has put on some I hate Meghan goggles,” he offered.

From what he observed, the one-time Suits star gave cues that indicated she tried to connect to help the aide understand her stance. He didn’t think she was callously snapping at someone for doing their job. For example, she gave an “eyebrow flash” when she said she appreciated the gesture and concluded with a curtseying bow.

Furthermore, Spidey discussed Meghan’s lack of a “Duchenne smile,” considered a display of actual happiness. He thought hers was an appropriately “polite smile” and added it wasn’t wrong for the situation. He noted, “We all use polite smiles in day-to-day interactions.”

“I don’t see a real smile, nor would I expect to see a real smile,” he concluded.

Spidey also declared that her body language was “almost exactly” what he would expect from anyone in that unique scenario.

Body language analyst said hate toward Meghan Markle creates conflicted conclusions

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is driven down The Mall after the funeral for HM Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in London, United Kingdom.
Meghan Markle | Tom Jenkins/WPA Pool/Getty Images

While talking about Meghan, Spidey emphasized the importance of remaining unbiased in his evaluation. Otherwise, his conclusions could be distorted.

“I’m not interested in attacking Meghan. I’m not interested in defending Meghan,” he explained and added, “I’m only interested in using my experience to point out the body language and the behavior patterns.”

After declaring that position, Spidey concluded that, at worst, the Duchess of Sussex didn’t give the aide “all the time and the attention in the world” before returning to her conversation. He also added that her behavior following the interaction, like grooming her hair and reaching out to Prince Harry, suggested she was under stress.

Spidey guessed that she might have even been aware as soon as she walked away that it would be a big deal, and some people would be wearing “I hate Meghan goggles” when they saw the moment.

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