Body Language Expert Says Meghan Markle Shows a ‘High Level of Trust’ in Princess Eugenie

Meghan Markle spoke about her experience as a member of the royal family during her Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan. One person Meghan seemed to rely on during the early years of her time in the UK was Prince Harry’s cousin, Princess Eugenie. A body language expert says the duchess demonstrates a “high level of trust” in Eugenie.

Meghan and Harry partied with Princess Eugenie on Halloween

Meghan Markle is seen before her visit with Prince Harry to the Titanic Belfast during their trip to Northern Ireland on March 23, 2018 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.
Meghan Markle | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

The Netflix docuseries gave an inside look at Harry and Meghan’s close relationship with Princess Eugenie. During the docuseries, there were photos of Harry and Meghan spending time with Eugenie on Halloween back in 2016. They dressed in disguises and enjoyed themselves. Meghan says the news that she was dating Prince Harry was going to come out soon, so she only had a small window of time during which she could have fun and be free without photographers following her.

“He and his brother’s communications secretary, Jason [Knauf] called him to let him know that the story was scooped by a tabloid,” says Meghan during the docuseries. “I said, ‘Well, if it’s going to come out tomorrow let’s go and have fun tonight!”

Prince Harry gave details about the party they attended together before news of their relationship became public. “We went to this Halloween party together where we could be completely dressed up and no one would know,” adds Harry. The photos included in the documentary showed Harry, Meghan, and Eugenie laughing and taking part in the festivities.

Meghan Markle shows a ‘high level of trust’ in Princess Eugenie says a body language expert


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When you’re part of a high-profile family, there are few people you can trust. However, a body language expert says it seems like Meghan placed a lot of trust in Princess Eugenie.

“Another revelation that came from Harry and Meghan’s documentary was the friendship between Eugenie and Jack and Harry and Meghan and, significantly, the relationship between Meghan and Eugenie,” body language expert Judi James tells Express. “We knew the four were still close after Harry and Meghan’s exit to the US, but the photos here define a very striking and specific closeness. Their head closeness should define high levels of trust, although with selfies that analysis is not quite so accurate as you do have to push your heads together to get into frame.”

James says one clue that Meghan and Eugenie feel close to each other is their facial expressions. She says they use an “open-mouthed facial expression” that signifies freedom and closeness. James tells Express this is the same childlike expression Harry and Meghan have in many of their personal pictures.

“They illustrate this ‘freedom’ with a series of photos of themselves leaping about with their mouths open like small children,” says James in her Express interview. “To use this theme with Eugenie suggests she also shares an ability to have freedom and fun when she is with Harry and Meghan and the mirroring with Meghan makes the two women look especially close.”

Some experts believe Meghan and Harry aren’t as close to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank as they were before

Not everyone agrees that Meghan and Harry are still close to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas (also known as The Body Language Guy) believes there are clues indicating distance between the couples. He says the couples didn’t seem close during Queen Elizabeth’s funeral. According to Rosas, Harry and Meghan appear to have a strained relationship with Eugenie and Jack.

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