Body Language Expert Says New Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Photos Display ‘Pure Power and Status’ Compared to Previous ‘Fairytale’ Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle display “pure power and status” in their new photos, according to one body language expert. Previous photos of the couple showing “fairytale” imagery have been pushed aside as the couple now makes a bold statement.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sit side by side.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry photos were taken at the One Young World summit

Photographer Misan Harriman shared the new photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, taken when they were at the One Young World summit in September.

In one photo, Meghan Markle is the main focus, wearing all red, as she looks directly into the camera with a serious expression. Harry stands behind her and at an angle with a slight smile. Meghan holds just one of her husband’s fingers.

The other photo is a black and white profile of the couple looking straight ahead and serious. The photographer noted that the images were taken “moments before attending the opening ceremony.”

Body language expert notes how Meghan is the focus in the photos

Body language expert Judi James weighed in with her analysis of the photos, telling Express how Meghan is the main focus.

“This is very much Meghan’s pose, with Harry standing slightly behind her and with his torso turned in towards her,” James explained. She also pointed out how Harry is focused “on supporting his wife” as Meghan “focuses on the camera.”

According to James, Meghan looks “strong and powerful, in more of a businesslike or leader mode.”

James further noted the way they aren’t holding hands in a clasp, calling it “a gesture that, along with Harry’s rather knowing eye expression and grin, suggests he is presenting her to the world with what could have been intended as a look of pride.”

The images are a departure from Harry and Meghan’s ‘fairytale photos,’ expert says

James further compared the new photos showing a “professional pose” to previous pictures of the couple that had “an emphasis on freedom, relaxation, casualness and family.”

She explained, “It is a complete change of mood music from the fairytale photos they released of them lying underneath a tree, with Harry in jeans and bare feet and Meghan laying back in a long, flowing dress.”

James continued, “Those poses were all about love and an idyllic family lifestyle while these show them as a still loving but now campaigning, slick double act with an emphasis on changing the world.”

Expert says the photos show ‘pure power and status’

James echoed her analysis when she spoke with The Mirror about the photos, once again looking at the contrast to their “fairytale” pics.

“No more lying on the ground under tall trees in flowing dresses and bare feet, gazing up at the clouds for this couple, these new official portraits are pure power and status, with a very upright Meghan closest to the camera and Harry clinging to her index finger and grinning like a proud and supportive fan,” she explained.

“When they stand side by side they ignore the camera, unlike our royals who were photographed staring straight down the lens,” James noted. “For Meghan and Harry, it’s more for us to admire a duo whose gaze seems fixed on a distant horizon, with a smile of what looks like optimism and calm from Meghan and a slightly more surly look from Harry.”

The body language expert added, “These look like poses for a business magazine and they seem set to approach their global future together, hence the handclasp that involves entwined fingers to register intimacy and close bonding.”

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