Body Language Expert Points Out How Prince Harry Displayed ‘Awkwardness’ and ‘Embarrassment’ During Latest Appearance

Prince Harry’s body language at his most recent appearance indicated “awkwardness” and “embarrassment,” according to one expert. Find out the subtle gestures that signaled Harry wasn’t entirely comfortable during the event.

Prince Harry wearing a blue jacket and looking on
Prince Harry | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Prince Harry spoke at the Masters of Scale Summit

Harry made an appearance at the Masters of Scale Summit, joining BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux and entrepreneur Reid Hoffman on stage to discuss coaching.

On Oct. 20, BetterUp shared a photo from the summit on their Instagram account. “BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux and CIO, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, joined @reidhoffman to discuss how coaching can be a catalyst for transforming ourselves, our relationships, and our communities,” the caption noted.

The caption pointed out the organization’s agreement with CIO Prince Harry. “It’s exciting to know what the human potential is for every person in this room and across the entire world,” the quote read. “But we’re also at a point where we actually need to unlock that potential. The only way we can do that is to individually grow ourselves, but also help the people we are responsible for grow as well.”

Prince Harry said he ‘never heard the words therapy or coaching’ while growing up

During the appearance, Harry discussed mental health and his personal experience with therapy.

“The moment I started doing therapy, it opened my eyes,” Prince Harry said. “I was moving through life thinking there was only one way to live. And therapy burst that bubble.”

Harry continued, “Then when I found my way to coaching, the next bubble burst, and all of a sudden I realized that now I have perspective and a great understanding of my value. I regained confidence that I never thought I had.” 

Doron Weber, VP and program director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, tweeted from the event, “Prince Harry says growing up in the royal family & and then spending 10 years in the military, he never heard the words ‘therapy’ or ‘coaching.’ Then the blinkers came off and his life changed.”


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Expert analyzes Prince Harry’s body language at the event

Body language expert Judi James analyzed the photo that BetterUp posted of Prince Harry at the event. She told Express, “Harry’s body language here hints at some level of indecision or awkwardness bordering on embarrassment.”

James looked at his hand placement first. “Sitting on stage and discussing mental health he has his right hand placed on his thigh but not on the top of the thigh which would suggest alpha confidence, but clamped to the side, which seems to hint at indecision,” she explained.

The body language expert also found some signaling in Prince Harry’s feet. “His feet are also in an awkward position, with one foot sitting on top of the other, which is bent under,” she said. “Confidence is usually signaled by the splaying of the feet, with both soles flat on the ground but this ‘collapsed’ towering of the feet suggests some awkwardness.”

James said that Prince Harry’s awkwardness could reflect the “very personal discussion of his own mental health.”

She continued, “Or it could be prompted by his marketing role for the company he is promoting. Verbally he sounds very ‘on message,’ using what sounds like inspirational messages from his therapy about therapy bursting bubbles in his life.”

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