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Kate Middleton looked stunning during the state visit of South African president Cyril Ramaphosa and one body language expert noted that she made an intentional fashion choice to allow Camilla Parker Bowles to have the spotlight.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa body language in photo analyzed
Prince William, Kate Middleton, and South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa | Justin Tallis – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Expert points out Kate Middleton’s outfit choice was a subtle move to not be in the spotlight

Speaking on behalf of Slingo, body language expert Darren Stanton shared his thoughts on the dress color Kate wore during the Nov. 22 state visit. Kate had on a plum-colored dress that was less vibrant than Camilla’s bright blue dress.

“We also see Kate adopting a more plum or maroon color dress, which is still proportionate to her position as future queen and senior member of the royal family,” Stanton explained.

He added, “However, it is not an overpowering color like a vibrant red or blue and she is not attempting to put herself in the spotlight.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language was revealing during state visit

Stanton also shared his analysis of William and Kate’s body language in a photo taken when they greeted Ramaphosa at the Corinthia Hotel in London.

The body language expert noted, “Included in official photos of the Prince and Princess greeting the president of South Africa, there is a great shot of William and Kate standing with him in the middle.”

He continued, “What is most striking about this photograph is looking at how both William and Kate are standing in relation to the president, it is a great shot where everyone is smiling with a genuine smile.”

Stanton pointed out how William and Kate’s gestures reflected how in sync they were. “However, the Prince and Princess of Wales both put their hands forward, they are matching and mirroring each other unconsciously which demonstrates they are both on the same page, both thinking the same thing and operating almost like professional dancers as they are so synchronized,” he explained.

The couple’s “submissive gesture” of their hands held in front of themselves also conveyed “respect,” according to the expert.

Stanton explained, “You’ll often see people adopt this stance at a funeral or some other solemn occasion, so what they’re really doing is unconsciously paying the South African president due respect as he stands with his hands to his side.”


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Kate showed tension in her body language at one point, expert says

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis of the state visit welcome as well, pointing out one brief moment Kate showed “signs of tension.”

“There are some out-of-character signs of tension on Kate’s face as she sits in the car en route to welcome their guest for their first state visit as Prince and Princess of Wales, suggesting she is taking her new responsibilities seriously,” the expert told Express.

James also examined the small details in the photo of William and Kate with Ramaphosa. “Kate’s pose beside the president contains two signals of confidence and connection with the camera,” James explained.

The expert continued, “She poses initially with her hands clasped in front, which mirrors her husband’s pose, but she is also seen with her arms hanging at her sides in a more individual expression of confidence.”

James added, “The second signal is the one raised eyebrow, which creates a stronger tie-sign with the cameras than the usual regal smile.”