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Meghan Markle‘s body language showed signs she wasn’t comfortable around Prince William and Kate Middleton during their recent appearance at Windsor Castle. A body language expert pointed out some of the subtle ways Meghan displayed “awkwardness” and discomfort.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wave outside Windsor Castle after extending olive branch to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after Queen Elizabeth's death
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Body language expert points out Meghan Markle’s ‘suppressed awkwardness’

On Sept. 10, Meghan and Prince Harry joined William and Kate at Windsor Castle for a walkabout where they greeted mourners and checked out the tributes left for Queen Elizabeth. Prince William extended an olive branch to Harry and Meghan to make the rare public appearance together.

Body language expert Judi James shared her analysis with The Sun, spotting some moments when Meghan didn’t seem particularly at ease around William and Kate.

James pointed to one gesture that gave an indication of Meghan’s “suppressed awkwardness.”

She explained, “The moment she stepped out of the car and paused on the spot with her hands clasped to her waist in a subtle barrier gesture … watching while Kate strode across to stand with William and Harry, Meghan’s body language suggested levels of suppressed awkwardness.”

William appeared to gesture toward Meghan to include her and introduce her to their host. The Duchess of Sussex was initially standing away from the group before she offered an “unusual” gesture by initiating a handshake, according to James.

Prince Harry placed a hand on Meghan’s waist which offered “signals of reassurance and support,” James noted.

Expert looks at how Meghan Markle displayed ‘self-reassuring’ gestures

James also analyzed how Harry and Meghan provided reassurance to one another when they held hands.

“Once the couple were able to hold hands and fall back slightly for the walk she looked more assured,” James said of Meghan’s comfort level. “And it was her thumb rubbing Harry’s in the clasp to show the need for support had shifted from her to him.”

Meghan also appeared to show some “self-reassuring” gestures, particularly in the way she flipped her hair. James pointed to the “frequent and rather emphatic hair-flicking rituals” while the couples looked at the flowers.

“Some of this was practical, thanks to the leaning and bending, but some looked like self-reassuring, self-motivational signals that could have been more about bravado,” James shared.


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Body language expert weighs in on Meghan’s final moments at Windsor Castle

Meghan seemed more at ease while she interacted with the crowd. James noticed how Meghan then seemed uncomfortable again at the end of the appearance, however.

The foursome came together to give a final wave to the crowd and Meghan seemed unsure in the moment. She was tentative in waving as she was first seen moving her hair to the side before joining the others to gesture goodbye.

When they got into the car to leave, James pointed out, “As Kate opened her own car door, jumping into the front seat, Meghan paused.”

Prince Harry opened the door for Meghan and helped “steer her into her seat,” with James sharing that Meghan’s “awkwardness returned” when she was with William and Kate again.

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