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Kate Middleton seems always to gaze and smile lovingly at Prince William while they are in public. And according to one body language expert, the adoring gesture has a purpose deeper than displaying her affection for him.

What symbolism and feelings might be behind Middleton’s smile? And what trait did one insider claim Prince William inherited from his mother that has contributed to a “moody” image?

Kate Middleton smiles at Prince William during a museum visit to see their first official joint portrait
Kate Middleton and Prince William | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal insiders claim Prince William inherited a ‘fiery temper’ from his mother, Princess Diana

Through the years, Prince William developed a reputation for sometimes being ill-tempered. A former courtier told the Daily Mail (via Marie Claire,) “In private, the Duke of Cambridge has a notably short fuse.”

“His fiery temper can blow up at any time,” the source added. But it’s “usually when he’s frustrated or when it comes to issues regarding his family.”

And according to that royal insider, Middleton doesn’t shrink from her powerful husband when his mood is foul. On the contrary, they “are known to have heated exchanges from time to time.”

But he isn’t the only royal with a reported temper. His brother, Prince Harry, also inherited the trait, according to that former courtier. They supposedly got it from their mother, Princess Diana.

“They both have quite extreme mood swings, just as Diana did,” that source claimed. “She could be your best friend one minute and the next your worst enemy.”

Body language expert thinks Kate Middleton smiles as a ‘leading ritual’

Body language expert Judi James spoke with The Sun about Middleton’s behavior while in public with Prince William. And she noted how the “confident” parent and mother of three frequently turns an “adoring gaze on her husband, connecting with her eyes and her smile.”

She explained, “If her hand clasp is a mirroring gesture, this gazing seems to be a ‘leading’ ritual, aimed at bringing out William’s happier, fun side during their public appearances.”

“William hasn’t always had the happiest relationship with the cameras and he did have a reputation for being a bit moody a few years ago,” she pointed out.

To counter that “moody” image, Middleton might draw a smile from her husband by leading the way with her gaze when he seems uncomfortable. James explained, “Kate’s smile acts as a state-changer as she teases him silently into smiling back.”

She concluded that “during a long day packed with royal visits it would be like a mini energy and mood-booster,” and added, “… It is nearly always met with a coy smile or a grin of pleasure from William.'”

Kate Middleton smiles at and ‘mirrors’ Prince William to display her affection in public


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According to James, the couple’s body language reveals a “like-minded” connection. Some say they aren’t very affectionate in public, but these simple gestures show their feelings for each other. And her smiles, gazes, and “mirroring” his posture make him look less “barriered by proxy.”

As reported by Marie Claire, one expert called the pair “the world’s most glamorous royal couple.” And James said their behavior toward each other indicates what they will be like as rulers.

“… The frequent, subliminal mirroring traits the Cambridge’s use are a subtle but powerful sign of their closeness as partners and strong, like-minded bonds as future monarchs,” she declared.