Body Language Expert Reveals the Major Personality Differences Between Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis

Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis delighted fans with their appearances during Queen Elizabeth II‘s Platinum Jubilee.

Seeing the children at a few events gave glimpses into their personalities. Now, a body language is pointing out those different traits that set the Cambridge kiddos apart from each other.

(L- R): Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George, whose body language shows their personality differences, watching the Platinum Pageant
(L- R): Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George watching the Platinum Pageant |

Prince George’s body language shows that he is ‘the reflector’

Judi James, who is a leading body language expert, spoke to The Sun’s Fabulous publication about what she noticed in each of the young royals and how different they really are.

James analyzed several of Prince George’s recent appearances and said it shows that Prince William is his “role model.”

She explained: “George is clearly in his element watching football with his dad beside him in the role of best buddy and mentor and watching the pair belting out ‘Sweet Caroline’ together showed how close they are and how much George idolizes and mimics his role model.

“Like his gran Diana and his dad William, George can display the body language signals of shyness but, like both of them, he can also show inner strength and a capacity for leadership or authority at times. He even cued and nudged his dad when he was slow getting to his feet for the royal coach and William complied submissively, showing how his equally thoughtful and reflective son is already taking the lead when necessary.” 

Princess Charlotte shows she is ‘the head prefect’

When analyzing Princess Charlotte, James noted that she is very aware of how to conduct herself in front of a crowd and knows when others need to be kept in line too.

“Charlotte was quietly and calmly on patrol for the celebrations, showing not just her ability to get all the regal stuff right, but also a trait of checking and correcting her brother’s performances, too,” the expert said. “It was clear the Cambridges had been coaching their children behind the scenes but on the day itself it seemed to be Charlotte working the front line to ensure all the rules were followed … She pushed Louis’ hands down as he was waving too much and again when he was stuffing his fingers in his mouth. She even subtly corrected George when his arms weren’t by his sides for the anthem.

“This doesn’t look like bossiness though because Charlotte also seems to have high levels of empathy too, making her the go-to choice for hugs from Louis when she arrived back from Wales and the one glancing at her gan-gan with loving concern as they stood together on the balcony.”

Prince Louis shows he’s ‘the entertainer’

Composite photos of some of Prince Louis' funniest moments during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations
Photos of some of Prince Louis’ funniest moments during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations | PA/PA Images via Getty Images

And when it comes to Prince Louis, who stole the show over the Jubilee weekend, James describes him as the entertainer of the family saying: “Louis is clearly the one who adores being the center of everyone’s attention and the one who loves to entertain and make his family laugh. His spontaneity is obvious but so is his popularity and his sociability as he was the one engaging with everyone and even lap-surfing to get cuddles from everyone.

James added: “His signals suggest he will be the royal optimist and the one most likely to encourage change in The Firm as well as ensuring his siblings enjoy their roles by, like the queen, not always taking themselves too seriously.

“Mike Tindall might have been using a fun warning sign on Louis but it looks suspiciously like Louis might have been modeling a lot of his comedy poses on his super-fun royal ‘uncle’. Louis has already [learned] how to be popular: when he wasn’t making his family laugh with his jokes he was showing love and affection with his cuddles.”  

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