Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton’s ‘Validating’ Gesture ‘Suggests She Loves Attention’

Kate Middleton and Prince William are visiting the United States for the second annual Earthshot Prize Awards. US royal watchers had the chance to meet the couple and send well wishes. One body language expert says Kate’s gestures suggest she loves getting attention.

Kate Middleton’s body language ‘suggests she loves attention’ says expert

Kate Middleton touches her hair and smiles during an event at 'The Nook' Children's Hospice.
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate isn’t one to shy away from the spotlight. She seems at ease during public events and is often seen smiling and laughing. Body language expert Judi James offered her analysis to Express. According to James, Kate’s tendency to touch her hair and tuck her hair behind her ear when she’s greeting people may suggest she enjoys the spotlight. She says Kate’s long hairstyle may be her way of attracting attention.

“It’s unusual for a top-tier royal female to wear their hair long and loose as Kate does,” James tells Express. “Princess Anne pinned her hair up in her signature, severe French pleat decades ago and this wind, rain and all-elements-defying style has been her look since she married the first time around.”

According to James, Kate’s long tresses are not a typical style for royal women. “It’s the custom for royal women to choose a hairstyle that is practical rather than flattering and which responds well to headscarves and tiaras alike,” says James. “It’s a look that is also prompted by previous royal women’s love of riding, shoots and country walks.”

Kate Middleton’s hair-touching gestures signal different things

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James says Kate conveys different messages depending on how she’s touching her hair. According to the expert, Kate’s hair touches communicate everything from anxiety to confidence. “Some look like a self-comfort ritual, implying inner anxieties, others look like small status signals, and some hint at something a lot more flirty and confident,” James tells the publication.

According to James, when Kate preens or tosses her hair, this indicates confidence. Her movements are also likely a signal that she enjoys having all eyes on her. “There is another hair preen or hair-tossing gesture that suggests moments of high confidence,” adds James during her Express interview. “When Kate pushes her hand through the back of her hair to toss it about, she is performing a happy and slightly flirty-looking gesture that suggests she is loving the attention and being in the spotlight.”

Kate Middleton’s style

Kate is often the center of attention, and she makes sure to dress the part. The Princess of Wales wore many fashionable outfits during her US trip. Her classic style was the topic of the day on many fashion websites.

On the first day of her trip, Kate wore a calf-length brown coat by designer Alexander McQueen, reports Vanity Fair. Underneath, she wore an orange dress by Gabriela Hearst. For another event, Kate wore a custom plaid Burberry dress and carried a handbag designed by Mulberry. She also wore looks by Roland Mouret and Gianvito Rossi.

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