Body Language Expert Says Kate Middleton’s Signature Pose Reveals How She Really Feels About Prince William

When Kate Middleton steps out with Prince William, she frequently stands with her hands clasped in front of her. According to a body language expert, Middleton’s pose has a name and says something about their relationship.

Read on to discover what Middleton’s stance might reveal about her feelings toward her husband. Plus, learn more about the public’s thoughts on the royal couple as their future monarchs.

(l-r) Prince William, jockey Christophe Soumillon and Kate Middleton, in her signature pose, stand for pictures during a ceremony in 2022
Prince William, jockey Christophe Soumillon, and Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

What is Kate Middleton’s signature pose?

Body language expert Judi James told The Sun that Middleton has two signature moves she usually displays in public outings with Prince William. First, she often stands with the “fig leaf pose” to mirror him. Second, she frequently looks at him with an “adoring gaze.”

As for the pose, James explained, “In the years before he met Kate, William was often seen performing what is known as the fig-leaf pose, with his hands clasped in front of his torso at roughly the same place as a fig leaf would sit on a classical nude statue.”

She noted how Middleton often stands in that position when she is with him. This creates a “postural echo” between the regal couple.

And James also pointed out that Middleton has a look she seems to save for Prince William. She fixes an “adoring gaze on her husband, connecting with her eyes and her smile,” which “teases him silently into smiling back.”

What could Kate Middleton’s signature pose mean about her relationship with Prince William?

According to James, Middleton’s moves have helped soften the image of the sometimes awkward prince. And that’s notable because he once had a little bit of a “moody” reputation. But these acts also show reciprocity between the couple and how each can lead the other at times while with the public.

First, James said “mirroring” Prince William’s posture “signals like-minded thinking” and added, “… In Kate’s case the way she mimics his pose and makes it look much more elegant and less anxious helps to make William look less defensive …”

James added that “it’s a sign of empathy as well as love.”

Next, Middleton’s “adoring gaze” seems to be “a ‘leading’ ritual, aimed at bringing out William’s happier, fun side during their public appearances,” James said. With a loving glance and grin directed toward her husband, “she teases him silently into smiling back.”

James concluded that their public displays of affection might be less traditional than others, but they speak to their connection. “… The frequent, subliminal mirroring traits the Cambridge’s use are a subtle but powerful sign of their closeness as partners and strong, like-minded bonds as future monarchs,” she explained.

How does the public feel about Prince William and Kate Middleton as the future monarchs?


Here’s How Prince William and Kate Middleton Show Off Their Strong Connection Without Using PDA

As reported by Newsweek in 2017, a poll showed that more than half of Brits thought Prince William was the best choice for the next king. And Middleton was preferred by more than 60 percent as the next queen.

Notably, that’s much higher than the heir to the throne, and William’s father, Prince Charles. He polled at 13 percent, with his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, receiving eight percent of the vote for the best choice for the next queen.