Body Language Expert Says Meghan Markle Has More ‘Power’ in the US Than UK: She Has an ‘Added Celebrity Kick’

Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living in California full-time, they have more control over what they do, how they dress, and how they act. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex can now live life on their terms. A body language expert says there are clues in Meghan’s behavior that show she has more “power” in the United States than in the United Kingdom. Here’s what the expert had to say.

Meghan Markle has a ‘celebrity kick’ in the United States, according to expert

Meghan Markle gives a speech as she launches the Smart Works capsule collection.
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Body language expert Judi James says Meghan has more of a chance to show her “celebrity” side now that she’s no longer a working royal. James tells Express that Meghan’s body language hasn’t changed much since she stepped away from royal duties. According to her, Meghan has displayed behaviors like when she was a full-time royal.

“Despite being freed from any body language restrictions of formality or protocol once she stepped down as a senior royal, Meghan still seems to enjoy retaining a regal look of elegance and status in the US, only with an added celebrity kick,” says James during her Express interview.

Meghan Markle can write her own ticket now that she’s back in the US

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James says Meghan has made herself at home once again in the United States. Her transition from royal life to California was an easy one. Now that she’s back home, she can be the celebrity she always wanted to be.

“There has been an underlying sense of being completely at home in the US though,” adds James. “Her blend of royal and celebrity is allowed a bigger promotion of her celebrity side in a country that is totally comfortable with seeing their celebrities in powerful roles in a way that we are not in the UK.”

‘The sky is the limit’ for Meghan Markle, says Judi James

Now that Meghan is back in the United States, she can use her celebrity to achieve almost anything she wants, says James. According to her, Meghan’s celebrity status gives her power in the United States than in the United Kingdom. This is because celebrities in the US are often placed on a pedestal.

“The sky is the limit for Meghan in the US, a country where a celebrity from a reality show was recently in the White House,” says James, likely referring to Omarosa Manigault Newman, of The Apprentice (she served in the Trump administration). “It’s a less cynical country in terms of the pecking order of power, where she and Harry can be admired and even adored without any of the restrictions that celebrity status would have on someone’s career in the UK,” she adds.

James says Meghan’s “confidence” and “power” can be seen in the way she poses for pictures. “In the US Meghan can get to play at being whoever she chooses to be and that sense of power confidence reflects in her body language poses,” says James.

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