‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Fans Want Carter to Stay Away From Zoe

The Bold and the Beautiful began airing in 1987, and currently, the award-winning soap opera is on its 34th season. At this point, the CBS series has aired well over 8,000 episodes, and, somehow, the drama, deceit, and storylines have yet to end. This past season, fans and viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have anxiously been watching as Hope and Liam continue to work on a future together.

Per usual, love is one of the dominating themes in the soap opera and many of the characters’ storylines. Carter and Zoe are another couple from The Bold and the Beautiful that has been at the center of attention. Take a look back at Zoe and Carter’s journeys on The Bold and the Beautiful and why fans hope Carter stays away from Zoe. 

Kiara Barnes standing in front of shelf, playing with a ring on her hand
Kiara Barnes as Zoe | Adam Torgerson/CBS

Zoe’s complex history on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ 

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Kiara Barnes is the talented actor and singer who plays Zoe Buckingham on CBS Network’s The Bold and the Beautiful. Barnes’ character, Zoe, is a London native who models for Forrester Creations. When Zoe first joined The Bold and the Beautiful, her character was best known for her close connection to her cat Harry and her meddlesome relationship with Xander Avant.

As fans and viewers have gotten to know, Zoe has a well-known habit of meddling. In the past, Zoe has been romantically involved with Xander and Thomas Forrester. However, Zoe’s failed attempts at love did not deter her from continuously trying. More recently, much of Zoe’s storyline has to do with her relationship with Carter Walton. 

Zoe and Carter’s troublesome timeline

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After an awkward and failed attempt at trying to get Thomas Forrester back, Zoe found herself finally looking ahead. Fans and viewers were instantly able to pick up on her hot and heavy connection to Carter Walton. On The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter, who is played by Lawrence Saint-Victor, is known as the charming and good-looking lawyer who works for the Forrester family. However, as fans suspected, it was only a matter of time until Zoe and Carter began dating. Unfortunately, the couple’s trajectory was less than ideal and fans and viewers have had a lot to say about it.

When Zende Forrester-Dominguez returned to the scene, Zoe returned to her old ways. Despite her relationship taking off with Carter, fans and viewers watched as the model began flirting with Zende. Even after Carter proposed to Zoe she continues to entertain the insidious possibilities with Zende. On top of all of this, it became apparent that Paris, Zoe’s little sister, was also romantically interested in Zende. Zoe’s deceitful ways led to Carter dumping her, but fans and viewers are stressed about the couple’s future. 

Fans and viewers of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ want Carter to stay away from Zoe

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Many fans and viewers probably weren’t surprised to see how Zoe and Carter’s relationship panned out, but they most certainly were disappointed. Social media platforms like Twitter were flooded with complaints and negative remarks when The Bold and the Beautiful posed the question of Carter’s forgiveness. If one thing is clear it is that audiences are hoping to see Carter stay away from Zoe, but, only time will tell.