‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Fans Are Loving the Drama With Bill and Justin

The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS often attracts fans due to its steamy love stories and other exciting plotlines. However, one recent storyline that’s bucked that trend was the “friend breakup” between Bill and Justin. It’s a change of pace for a show that has often focused more on love triangles, and many fans of the show have taken to social media to say what they think about the new change of pace. Let’s take a closer look at the Bill-Justin feud, what fans think about it, and what they’d like to see more of in the future. 

The end of Justin and Bill’s friendship on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

'The Bold and the Beautiful' cast members Darin Brooks, Aaron D. Spears, and Don Diamont
‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ cast members | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

According to Soaps, Justin is Bill’s “right-hand man” at his company, Spencer Publications in The Bold and the Beautiful. The two have been best friends for years, inseparable both personally and professionally. However, Bill recently learned that Justin betrayed him in the hopes that he could make a power play to take over the company. When Bill confronts Justin about this, he doesn’t deny it. Instead, he claims he “snapped” after years of being his loyal “fixer.” 

Bill says that Justin was his “blood brother” but is now “his Judas” after his stunning betrayal. The scene culminates with Bill stating that, even though he loved Justin like a brother, “You are dead to me.” He banishes Justin from the building, never to be seen there again. 

It was a jaw-dropping scene that left fans stunned. However, while it wasn’t a happy scene in the slightest, The Bold and the Beautiful viewers praised it for its dramatic quality. 

Fans loved the drama with Bill and Justin

In reply to the show’s account posting a video of the breakup, one fan of the show on Twitter chimed in to say just how much they enjoyed watching the “breakup” of the two: 

“That was DAMN good. See #boldandbeautiful? We can have great drama that’s not a love triangle! This is powerful and RAW. 75% of the breakups this show has done in 10 years weren’t this moving!”

Another viewer responding to the tweet lauded the actors themselves, tweeting: 

“Heartbreaking and raw. It’s true the friendship and trust is broken beyond repair. The actors brought it all.”

Yet another tweet talked about how well written the scene was: 

“This was epic and climactic! Thank you B&B for not only great actors, but great writing!”

These weren’t the only The Bold and the Beautiful watchers happy. Plenty of fans talked about just how well done the scene was and why it was so compelling. It served as evidence that soap operas don’t always have to be tawdry and trashy. This wasn’t a romantic subplot but instead showcased two longtime friends experiencing a rift neither could overcome. It may not be a love triangle plotline that many tune in for, but it provided fans with a deeply heartfelt scene featuring interesting performances and tons of emotion. 

What else do fans want to see on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’? 


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The Bill and Justin scene reaction is evidence that The Bold and the Beautiful fans like non-love triangle-related plots. However, that’s not to say that sex and romance are going away anytime soon – this is a soap opera, after all. Still, what seems to frustrate fans is that these love triangles are a tired trope that the show keeps returning to. 

According to Soap Dirt, there are other plots the show could pursue that wouldn’t necessarily involve love triangles. For example, a storyline involving popular character Steffy Forrester stepping up as CEO of her company, Forrester Creations, could be intriguing. 

It’s unclear how the show will proceed, but one thing’s for sure: more tense and emotionally dramatic scenes like the Bill-Justin friend breakup seem to be what fans want.