‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Paris Standing Her Ground Has Fans Applauding

It’s hard to find any siblings who don’t have some sort of drama going on between them, even on television. The Bold and the Beautiful has Paris and Zoe experiencing just that, and fans haven’t been able to get enough. The two sisters have quite a complicated relationship, and they aren’t afraid to let each other know exactly how they are feeling, no matter what happens. Sometimes, when any two people are involved in a conflict, it may almost seem as if one person is weaker and will back down and let the other person win, even if they are wrong. Lately, Paris and Zoe have had more than just a little tension between them, what with Zoe’s secret coming out that she wasn’t exactly faithful to Carter. Now, in the latest showdown between the two of them, Paris is standing her ground, and fans are applauding her for doing it.

Diamond White on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful
Diamond White on the set of The Bold and the Beautiful | CBS

Paris, Zoe, and where the two of them stand

Paris and Zoe Buckingham are two sisters who are portrayed by actors Diamond White and Kiara Barnes, respectively. Their relationship has definitely had its ups and downs, and now, according to Soap Dirt, Zoe has found herself in a pretty sticky situation. Known for being pretty devious most of the time, she recently got herself into trouble when she gets a little too flirtatious with Zende Forrester, despite the fact that she’s engaged to Carter Walton.

In fact, she didn’t just get flirty — Zoe all out threw herself at Zende, and her secret didn’t stay hidden for too long. Ridge saw the entire ordeal happen, and instead of keeping quiet, he exposed her secret, given the fact that Carter is his best friend. This totally ruined everything between the couple and the engagement was called off. Naturally, Zoe placed blame on her sister, Paris, and although Paris feels that the relationship can be repaired, Zoe insists that she doesn’t want her sister working at the same place, Forrester Creations. 

Paris tore up Zoe’s resignation letter

Naturally, Zoe is more than prepared for the situation. In fact, Soaps reports that she already had a letter of resignation all done up for her sister Paris, ready for it to be signed, and for Paris to be gone. An argument ensues, with Paris saying tearfully to her sister “why can’t we be close?” Fans were certainly intrigued. Paris goes on to express just how upset she is, saying that she won’t be leaving Forrester Creations any time soon — and goes so far as to tear the resignation letter to pieces, and won’t let Zoe intimidate her any more than she already has. 

Paris really stood her ground and fans are definitely applauding

There may have been a time when fans would have expected Paris to oblige by her sister’s demands and do exactly what she had been told, but that is not the way things happened in this situation. She really stood her ground by deciding not to walk away and leave the company, and fans are certainly applauding. So much so, that they took to Twitter to express how happy they are. One fan wrote that there was no reason for Paris to leave and if anyone should leave, it should be Zoe. Another fan went so far as to say that it was a long time coming, and Paris could have spoken up sooner and taken charge of the situation. Looks like viewers are happy with the way things are turning out, and they can’t wait to see what happens next.