What Is ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Jacqueline MacInnes Wood’s Net Worth?

The Bold and the Beautiful has introduced fans to several sassy and talented stars over the years. One of which is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, whom daytime soap opera viewers have known as Steffy Forrester Spencer since 2008. The 10-year soap opera veteran has put in the hard work to get where she is today, and comparable to other soap opera checks, it shows in her estimated net worth. 

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Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has built an impressive resume

The daytime actor may have made a big splash in soap operas for the last decade or more, but many people still know her from her role as Olivia Castle in the horror film Final Destination 5 and her brief appearance on the hit CW series Arrow. Some fans even know the star as the singer who debuted “After Hours” back in 2012 and caught a lot of attention.

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More recently, she’s been an Instagram influencer on the platform, with more than 517k followers. Many fans often frequent her page for inspirational quotes, advice, and insight into her health, travel, motherhood, and doggy stories. Not to mention her incredible fashion photos with and without her adorable kids. Of course, her long-standing run with The Bold and the Beautiful is another major component of the star’s claim to fame and net worth.

MacInnes Wood is Steffy on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

Steffy Forrester Spencer is MacInnes Wood’s infamous B&B character, and probably her most challenging too. The character has gone through a whirlwind of drama and issues since entering the show as the adult twin of Phoebe and daughter of Ridge and Taylor. She’s a strong female character, businesswoman, and single mom. Due to neglect from her father, Steffy is typically considered “starved for attention” and often acts irrationally, proactively, and emotionally. Most recently, she’s been battling an opioid addiction as a result of a motorcycle accident that has been a challenge for MacInnes Wood to tackle, although she has been exceeding expectations. 

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“It has been extremely challenging [to play Steffy] in so many ways. Because we do film so quickly, you don’t have that time to go into your trailer and put some music on, put your headphones on, and gradually get to that dark place,” the B&B star tells Soap Opera Digest about playing such a difficult role. “We don’t have time for that, so you need to bring it right away. In my emotional scenes, if I’m not there and feeling those emotions, I can’t fake it. That’s not in me. I really need to be in the scene.”

What is Jacqueline MacInnes Wood worth?

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Although MacInnes Wood is a Daytime Emmy Award-winner and established actor, daytime soap opera stars don’t make as much as you’d think. While the paychecks can be decent, even veteran actors can’t rely on it as a steady income flow. Daytime Soap paychecks range from $1,500 to $3,000 per episode for actors in business for five or more years and $2,000 to $5,000 per episode for more than 10 years. As a 10-year veteran in her professional career, the talented actor/singer has amassed a net worth of $500k, with an average salary of $150k, according to Gossip Gist.

While this number sounds hefty to many soap opera fans, it is actually significantly less than what primetime TV stars, Netflix stars, or film stars tend to make. For this reason, many stars tend to venture into these areas either right off the bat or after they’ve gathered enough experience from daytime soap operas to make the switch.