‘The Book of Boba Fett’: Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen Admitted They’re the ‘Very Good-Looking Grandparents’ on Set

It’s been a while since The Mandalorian Season 2 ended, but The Book of Boba Fett has returned Star Wars fans to a galaxy far, far away. And the Disney+ series has given viewers more insight into Star Wars lore while Boba Fett sought out his “tribe.” According to stars Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen, the Book of Boba Fett cast resembled a family behind the scenes as well. They even likened themselves to the “grandparents” on set.

‘The Book of Boba Fett’ explores themes of found family

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The Book of Boba Fett sees its title character taking control of Tatooine’s criminal underbelly, a task that’s easier said than done when the Pyke Syndicate sets its eyes on the throne.

But while Temuera Morrison’s character spends much of the series grappling with power dynamics, the Star Wars show digs deeply into themes of found family. As Boba and Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) do some political maneuvering, they collect a number of allies — what Boba Fett himself might call his “tribe.” In fact, he even tells Fennec that you can’t survive without one.

And his time with the Tusken Raiders underscores his point, as do the bonds highlighted between Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu. The connections between the characters jump off the screen, and there may be a reason for that. Apparently, the cast felt a similar sense of closeness behind the scenes.

Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen say the cast is ‘like one big family’

Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen as Boba Fett and Fennec Shand in 'The Book of Boba Fett.' They're standing next to one another and staring at something.
Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ | Lucasfilm Ltd.

Boba Fett seems to find his “tribe” in The Book of Boba Fett, and he isn’t the only one. According to stars Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen, the cast felt like a family off-screen as well. In fact, they had each other’s backs when it came to all the Star Wars lore.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the pair recalled their experience working on the Disney+ series. Morrison admitted he doesn’t know as much about the world and its characters as some of his co-stars. He leaned on them when it came to those subjects, and he told the outlet this improved his work:

“So it was having this pool of talented people around us that made us perform a lot better. We wanted to focus on the work and just keep things moving. Lead from the front, as lead actors should, and you get a lot more respect from the crew. We were one big family.”

“It was a family,” Wen agreed. “It’s a tribe.”

Morrison also likened the pair to the grandparents on set, and it’s not hard to imagine them bestowing wisdom on newcomers.

“But we’ve very good-looking grandparents,” Wen joked.

They’re certainly “grandparents” fans would like to see more of in future Star Wars outings. So, will the Book of Boba Fett family reunite for season 2?

Will Ming-Na Wen and Temuera Morrison return for ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Season 2?

The Book of Boba Fett hasn’t officially been renewed for season 2, but fans are likely to see Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen in the Star Wars universe again. The Disney+ series still has plenty to resolve heading into its finale. That suggests it could leave viewers on a cliffhanger.

Additionally, The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian have been closely tied together thus far. Boba and Fennec could show up in The Mandalorian Season 3 — or even another Star Wars series, considering how many are currently planned for Disney+.

The finale on Feb. 9 will give fans a better idea of when and how they’ll see these characters again. In the meantime, the first six episodes of The Book of Boba Fett are currently streaming on Disney+.

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