Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker Joke That They Just Discovered This Shocking Thing About Each Other

Actors and married couple Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker recently revealed a Christmas “shocker” they experienced while spending more time at home this year.

Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe
Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe | Brian Stukes/Getty Images

“We got a quarantine tree,” Kodjoe revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Which is about three times the size of a normal tree because we’ve got to make it count because we just we’re spending a lot of time around the tree. So it’s big, huge, gigantic, and beautiful.”

But Parker cuts off her husband. “But he doesn’t like the blinking lights!” Parker exclaimed. “So I went and found the blinking lights.”

Boris Kodjoe is a Christmas purist, so blinking lights aren’t going to cut it

“We learned a lot about each other in quarantine,” Kodjoe remarked. “She likes the blinking light, which is sort of throwing me for a loop. I didn’t figure her to be a blinking light lover.” Parker adds that the couple has been married for 15 years.

“But I just didn’t think that was possible,” Kodjoe deadpanned. “Yeah, well, you know, I’m from Germany, so believe it or not, at home when we decorated trees, we put actual real candles on the tree. There were candle holders that you clipped to the branches. And then it looks like a cake candle a little bit. And you actually light the candles around the tree, believe it [or] not.”

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“Don’t ask me how it is and how I survived my childhood with a tree that’s burning,” he joked. “But we found out a lot about each other in the quarantine.”

The couple also found out a lot about their children during quarantine, mainly that the kids are homing in on their parent’s wardrobe. “Our kids are 14 and 15 and they’re like giants,” Parker laughed. “My son is 6’1″! Like what happened?”

“I have to raid his closet but once a week to make sure that he doesn’t keep my clothes,” Kodjoe added.

Nicole Ari Parker reveals some of the family’s other quarantine activities

Another quarantine activity has been cleaning the house. The couple recently partnered with Pine-Sol to support the company’s commitment to supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Parker admits she’s a clean freak as Kodjoe joked about comparing his home to entering the Pentagon.

“We really have been really adamant about keeping it clean and Pine-Sol just got the COVID kill claim,” Parker said. “So you can put it undiluted in a spray bottle, spray your floors, wipe the mop and feel safe for 10 minutes and everyone’s going to take their shoes.”

Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker
Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker |The Clorox Company

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The family picked up the new Pine-Sol candles to keep their home smelling as clean as it is too. “Get a candle and make your house smell clean,” Parker laughed.

Pine-Sol’s first-ever online shop is honoring the community that has upheld Pine-Sol’s heritage throughout the years. The company is making a $250,000 donation, plus 100% of Pine-Store proceeds, to digitalundivided, a social startup that leverages data to develop innovative programs to support Black female entrepreneurs and catalyze economic growth in their communities.