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If you know anything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that it has two central heroes who have recently departed: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans). Fans are still eager for a possible return, but both actors have made similar comments in the past on the subject. Read on to learn more.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are Marvel heroes

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.
Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. | Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Downey Jr. was responsible for kicking off the MCU with Iron Man in 2008. He went on to appear in the sequel even before Evans entered with Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011. The characters of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Steve Rogers (Captain America) met for the first time in 2012’s The Avengers. However, it was even earlier that their lives were inextricably intertwined.

While working together, Steve and Tony often clash, both seeing themselves as leaders with slightly varying viewpoints. All of this comes to a head in Captain America: Civil War when they disagree about the government’s involvement in the actions of superheroes. This is when Tony learns that Bucky Barnes, Steve’s best friend, is responsible for killing his parents. And things are never quite the same after that.

Both exited the MCU with ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Despite the tension between their characters, Evans and Downey Jr., along with the rest of the OG Avengers, appear to get along swimmingly. It takes a lot to work with the same people over and over again on these intense, big-budget projects, and so they became very close over the years.

However, both of their journeys in the MCU seemingly came to an end with Avengers: Endgame. In order to save the world, Tony wields the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, which ultimately kills him. Steve then returns all of the Infinity Stones back to their rightful places in history, before living out his life and growing old with Peggy Carter.

Fans still desperately want them back

Fans of the MCU took their exits hard, especially Downey Jr.’s. Iron Man’s death wasn’t entirely unexpected, and completed an important character arc. But that doesn’t change how difficult it was for many to accept. This is the man who started it all, making it especially hard to say goodbye.

As for Captain America, he has now passed on his shield, effectively saying his own goodbyes. But again, not all fans are OK with this. And there are plenty of ways in which the character and Evans could possibly return.

Evans and Downey Jr. have said the same thing about coming back

Both Downey Jr. and Evans have moved on in their careers. While doing press for his latest film, Dolittle, the former has been asked frequently if he would consider a return to the MCU. “I always think it’s better to fire yourself before you get fired,” Downey Jr. told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

This echoes a comment made by Evans back when he first announced his time in the MCU was coming to an end. “You want to get off the train before they push you off,” he told the New York Times. So while a “never say never” mentality has been in place, there don’t appear to be any plans for either to return to their characters.