Bow Wow Discusses Relationship with Angela Simmons and How It Will Be a Part of ‘Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta’

If you thought the storyline between Bow Wow and Angela Simmons would stay on just one show, think again. The storyline, a main part of reality series Growing up Hip Hop, will also be on Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta when the news season premieres.

Angela Simmons and Shad “Bow Wow” Moss | Prince Williams/Wireimage

The potential of Bow Wow and Angela Simmons getting back together loomed large over this season

Currently, Bow Wow appears on both Growing up Hip Hop, as well as its spinoff, Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta. He is a recurring cast member on the former and a main cast member on the latter. On this season Growing up Hip Hop, he was major topic of conversation because of his relationship with Angela Simmons. Though they are not back together after being in a romantic relationship many years ago, many fans have thought they could get back together due to the way they have been behaving on the show.

On their relationship, Simmons told E! Online, “I’ve known this man since I was 17. Our stories are countless. I love him to death. That is like my people. I don’t know where we’ll wound up,” she shared. “We’re friends. We’re cool. I’m going to support everything he does and vice versa but to me, I feel like the world always sticks me with Romeo or Bow. It’s like can I date other people or you want me just stuck with this?”

Their storyline is transferring over to another series

Bow Wow had a Growing up Hip Hop special which dropped recently, called Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta: Bow in the Q. Before the premiere, he spoke with HollywoodLife about his relationship with Simmons and revealed that she will appear on the upcoming season of Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta. As the sister series to the original series, it will continue to talk about the storyline of the old flames.

“It’s dope. I will say Ang is the first person in my life who I can say we’ve gone from being kids to adults with kids,” he said. “Ang is the first real friend friendship that I’ve ever really had. I’m able to be there for her like she is for me. When you are in someone’s life for over 19 years, you know this person’s ends and outs. There’s nothing that I could do that would shock her. She knows me. That’s my partner and vice versa. If me and Ang were to get together, it won’t be what they see on TV anymore. The whole dynamic will change, and we don’t want that. We want it to be just like how it is.”


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Bow Wow says that the last time they will talk about their relationship will be on the upcoming season of Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta. “We will always remain friends, and you guys will see us talk for the last time deeply about that right there, the question you just asked me about our friendship and how people view us,” he said. “We talk about it for the last time on this season Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. We’re already in production filming Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta. Me and Ang shot already, and you guys will see that carry out on-screen.”

His special, Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta: Bow in the Q, debuted on June 25. It is now available to watch via WE tv on-demand.