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Actor Trina McGee is best known for starring in the ’90s family sitcom Boy Meets World. After bringing to light racist on-set behavior earlier this year, McGee is calling attention to two of her former co-stars from the beloved show for learning from her statements. Read on to learn who.

Trina McGee starred in ‘Boy Meets World’ 

'Boy Meets World' cast (L-R): Danielle Fishel, Maitland Ward, Matthew Lawrence, Ben Savage, Will Friedle, Trina McGee, River Strong
‘Boy Meets World’ cast (L-R): Danielle Fishel, Maitland Ward, Matthew Lawrence, Ben Savage, Will Friedle, Trina McGee, River Strong | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives

McGee portrayed Angela Moore in Boy Meets World beginning in season 5. A fellow student at John Adams High School, she starts as a recurring character, dating Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) on and off throughout the series. McGee is later upgraded to a series regular and attends Pembroke College with the rest of the main cast.

McGee has continued to act since the series came to a close, though sparingly. Instead, she has turned her attention to work behind the camera. She is also an artist and has an Instagram account dedicated to her work. One of McGee’s last acting gigs was when she reprised her role as Angela on the spinoff Girl Meet World in a 2015 episode.

She wrote about racist treatment on set

Five years after last playing Angela, McGee took to social media to share behind-the-scenes information that upset many fans of the series. In several tweets, she called out three main cast members who called her names and were rude to her on set. She wrote, “I did my job and I expect my due. At times the tension of the disrespect was extremely stressful.”

Though McGee didn’t name names, fans were able to piece together from information in multiple tweets that she was referring to Will Friedle (Eric Matthews), Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence), and Ben Savage (Cory Matthews). She added that the co-stars in question had “cowardly egos and hot diarrhea mouths.”

McGee says 2 of 3 perpetrators reached out

Months later, McGee has addressed the issue once again. In June 2020, amid renewed focus on the Black Lives Matter movement and calls for all to be held accountable for racist actions, both small and large, she chimed in on Twitter to share that two of the three cast members had apologized to her.

“Over the last months with so much tension going on, these two people in this pic with me have really gone out of their way to check on me, show sincerity and healing,” McGee wrote alongside a photo of her, Friedle, and Fishel. “I did not expect this but am grateful for this experience. Let the healing begin. Yes!” Both actors responded in kind.

Will Friedle previously apologized

Friedle is the one who McGee cites as having referred to her as “Aunt Jemima” on set. In April 2020, she shared a photo of the two on Instagram, writing that the actor “apologized to me 22 years ago and again days ago in a three-page letter. We talked more on it and he acknowledged that he really wasn’t educated enough in his early twenties to know he was truly offending me.”

McGee continues, writing about “Will apologized to me and I forgave him, I then apologized to him for making the statements public because his joke came out of just not knowing, not viciousness and he forgave me. That’s what friends do.” Friedle replied to her Instagram post, writing, “I love you, Trina.”

Danielle Fishel has also made amends


“Boy Meets World” Actress Trina McGee Claims She Experienced Racist Treatment On Set by Fellow Cast Members

Additionally, Fishel has also reached out to McGee to apologize for her past behavior. In June 2020, Fishel wrote on her Twitter account that she was going to be focusing on becoming “a better ally.” A fan quote-tweeted her and wrote, “I seriously just want to know if there was any form of acceptance and apology to Trina McGee.” And the actress replied.

“I owed @realtrinamcgee an apology for being rude, cold, & distant when she guest-starred on GMW (her tweet regarding warm hellos being met with cold blank stares was about me). Trina and I spoke over a month ago and she gracefully accepted my apology,” Fishel wrote. It looks like there’s just one cast member who needs to own up to their behavior.