‘Boy Meets World’ Star Will Friedle Comments “I Love You, Trina” After Co-Star Trina Mcgree Accuses Him of Mistreating Her On-Set

Trina McGee has identified the castmate who she says hurled racial slurs and mistreated her while on the set of Boy Meets World.

After making headlines for a previous tweet that detailed her hostile work environment on set, McGee has come forward again to reveal the person who exhibited such horrible behavior.

'Boy Meets World' cast
Boy Meets World cast | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In a recent Instagram post, the actress identified Will Friedle — who played the goofy Eric Matthews — as the alleged racist co-star.

But despite putting him on the spot, Friedle has nothing but love for McGee and made that clear when responding to her post about him.

McGee called out Friedle and two other colleagues in a lengthy Twitter post

McGee recently sent shockwaves through the internet after sharing her Boy Meets World behind the scenes treatment on social media.

In a series of January 2020 tweets that recently came to light, the actress — who played Topanga Lawrence’s BFF and Shawn Hunter’s love interest Angela Moore — opened up about the alleged racism she experienced on set from three of her co-stars.

In one tweet, McGee shares that she was called derogatory names like “Aunt Jemima” and a “bitter b*tch” by one of her castmates but did not disclose who it was.

“Called Aunt Jemima on set during hair and make up,” McGee tweeted. “Called a bitter b*tch when I quietly waited for my scene to finish rehearsing that was being f’ed up over and over due to episode[s] featuring my character. Told ‘it was nice of you to join us’ like a stranger after 60 episodes.”

While responding to a fan, McGee shared that she experienced mistreatment at the hands of “three acting colleagues,” which many were convinced was Ben Savage, Will Friedle, and Danielle Fishel.

Friedle has since apologized to McGee

Since shedding some light on her substandard Boy Meets World experience, many have wanted to know which of McGee’s co-stars did the mistreating.

While McGee clarified that it wasn’t her on-screen love interest, Rider Strong, many have been pointing fingers at Savage, Friedle, and Fishel.


Though we thought this was going to remain a mystery moving forward, McGee recently revealed the identity of one of the accused costars.

On Apr. 16, the actress wrote on Instagram that it was Friedle, who called her the racist slur while on set.

In her post, McGee further explained the situation, revealing that she has since talked things through with the actor and that he’s written her a long letter, apologizing for his past comments.

“FOR THE RECORD: WILL FRIEDLE the man responsible for AuntJemmagate, apologized to me 22 years ago and again days ago in a three-page letter,” she penned. “We talked more on it and he acknowledged that he really wasn’t educated enough in his early twenties to know he was truly offending me.”

According to McGee, the incident was a “teaching moment,” as she claims it “changed” Friedle’s life and the way he did comedy.

“For all people of all races or different backgrounds,” she continued. “He has conveyed to me how much this has changed his perception of comedy. And humanity. We all fall short of sensitivity at times, but let’s be real on what EXTREME RACISM IS”

After sharing her post, Friedle further confirmed that things are copacetic between himself and McGee by commenting, “I love you, Trina.”

As for the other two colleagues, their identities remain a mystery, but since McGee buried the hatchet with Friedle, she could possibly do the same with them too.