‘The View’ Backlash: Fans Generate Steam as #BoycottTheView Trends on Twitter Ahead of New Co-Host Reveal

The View fans are generating steam on Twitter as the hashtag Boycott The View remains a trending topic on the social media sharing site. This fan backlash comes ahead of the reveal of the show’s newest co-host, scheduled to air live on Aug. 4. The series, in its 25th season on ABC, has come under fire for its reported hire of Alyssa Farah Griffin for The View‘s 26th season. Fan backlash continues as viewers debate how the show will move forward productively with Griffin, who will reportedly fill the spot vacated by former conservative co-host Meghan McCain.

The set of ABC's 'The View 'for its 25th anniversary season.
‘The View’ set | ABC/Jenny Anderson

Why is Alyssa Farah Griffin causing a boycott among ‘The View’ fans?

Griffin is the former White House director of strategic communications under the Trump administration.

She became a CNN contributor after leaving the White House.

However, Griffin appears to have ruffled the feathers of The View fans for what seems to be a switch in her politics.

In 2017, Griffin joined the Trump administration as a press secretary for Mike Pence. She moved into a similar role in the Department of Defense. Then, in April 2020, she took a job as director of strategic communications for the White House Office. 

Before she departed from the White House in December of that same year, Griffin presented herself as a staunch conservative and defender of former United States President Donald Trump, reported The National Review.

Griffin has condemned Trump and her party numerous times since leaving her White House position.

#BoycottTheView becomes a trending Twitter topic

Barbara Walters photographed on the set of 'The View.'
Barbara Walters | Ida Mae Astute/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Fans of The View appear to believe the series has morphed into a show, unlike the concept created by veteran journalist Barbara Walters in 1997.

Viewers tweeted their opinions about the show’s path on the social media sharing site using the Twitter hashtag Boycott The View.

The View was supposed to be about different views. I highly doubt Barbara Walters would have wanted a panelist who had a part in fracturing the country,” claimed one Twitter user.

Another user wrote, “The one nice thing about Alyssa Farah Griffin being named a permanent co-host on The View is that I will now have an extra 200 hours a year. What could you accomplish with another 200 hours a year? #BoycottTheView #TheView.”

“WHY oh WHY didn’t they hire Ana Navarro full time!! She is the BEST! Ana would be great as a full-time commentator. The View, you guys messed up hiring the wrong girl,” wrote a third viewer.

“I have unfollowed this show on all platforms as well as their personal accounts,” penned a fourth Twitter user.

‘The View’ debuts season 26 in September

The View has been a part of ABC’s regular rotation of daytime programming since 1997.

Thus far, more than 20 women have had permanent roles as cohosts on the ABC morning talk show.

The legendary newswoman Barbara Walters created the series, which has always featured a multi-generational panel.

Walters served on it herself from 1997 until she retired in 2014. 

The women of The View conduct interviews and discuss the news of the day, which they call “Hot Topics” that range from politics to entertainment, as well as women’s issues and health and wellness.

Meghan McCain was the last permanent conservative panelist on the series. She announced her exit from the show on July 1, 2021.

Since then, the show has been built around Goldberg, Behar, Haines, Hostin, and rotating panelist Ana Navarro.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. EST on ABC.

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