Brad Pitt Can’t Stand It When People Say This About Him or Others

Brad Pitt may just be the ultimate evergreen actor. Of course, only time will tell, but we suspect he will never go out of style. He radiates cool, even now at 55 years old.

Pitt recently spoke to Zach Baron at GQ about acting, the movie industry, and life in general. Baron didn’t hold anything back, and readers will come away with an inside look at how Pitt thinks, and how he feels about movies. 

Brad Pitt practically consumes movies 

Brad Pitt at the 'Ad Astra' premiere in Los Angeles.
Brad Pitt | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Fans may have noticed that Pitt isn’t taking on as many leading man roles as he used to. It was a conscious choice on his part. Now that he can get basically any role he wants, he’s decided he only wants certain ones.

Like all artists, Pitt has a hard time describing exactly what he looks for in a new role. He does say he wants to bring something special to all the parts he takes. He doesn’t want to take on a role if Tom Hardy could do it just as well. Now that he’s not acting as much, Pitt spends his time working on a few different behind the scenes projects.

Pitt is also watching as many movies as he can, apparently. Not just American movies, either. He’ll watch anything — in any language — if it’s from a director he likes. In fact, Pitt often surprises people by bringing up obscure scenes from relatively unknown international movies. He seems to really appreciate fine cinema, no matter where it comes from. 

Brad Pitt is a producer

Pitt has his own production company: Plan B Entertainment. Pitt wants his company to make good movies, but he’s actually not interested in making a ton of money off of the films he produces. Instead of judging movies by how well they do on their opening weekend, the actor wants to hold his movies to a much higher standard: Will anyone want to watch this in 10 years? For Pitt, if the answer is no, then the movie is not worth making. 

In his words: “History is rife with films that we love today that were abysmal ‘bombs’ on their opening weekend. And we find them later, or we catch up with them.” Pitt is truly playing the long game, and thinking of movie lovers like himself. He wants them to have something to watch.

Brad Pitt can’t stand when people call him “just an actor”

Pitt feels really strongly about being pigeon-holed by his career line.

He said: “Something that always bugs me is when they say, ‘Well, he’s an actor,’ or ‘She’s an actor, actress, actor.’ Meaning the connotation is that you go and fake something. And acting is the exact opposite.”

A lot of people think actors just fake it really well, but for Pitt, it’s the opposite. Faking it is something he does in real life. On the screen, he searches for something real. He compares acting to boxing. 

“When you walk away from the scene, it’s great. Scenes are like rounds in a fight,” he said. “You do all your preparation and you get ready, you get your gloves on, you walk to the ring.” If you beat the scene, Pitt says you’ll know it, that “if you get to a place of truth, then you’ve won.” 

Apparently Pitt isn’t just good looking, he’s also really deep. The prospect of him being behind the scenes in more films is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with.