Which ‘Brady Bunch’ Kid Was in Every Episode?

These kids were always working together to make music to go through some of life’s greatest hardships during The Brady Bunch. However, some episodes excluded members of the Brady family, reportedly, to save money. 

Here’s what we know about the cast members who acted in every episode of this iconic sitcom. 

The title sequence of 'The Brady Bunch'
The title sequence of ‘The Brady Bunch’ | CBS via Getty Images

Alice and Carol Brady appear in every episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’

It’s the story of a lovely lady with three daughters and a man named Brady with three sons. Together, with the help of their friend Alice, these characters raise their children to be talented musicians and kind young adults.  

With Mike Brady sometimes away for work, of the adult characters, only Alce and Carol Brady appeared in every episode. When it comes to the children of the sitcom, only one of the Brady boys acted in every season. It was the eldest of the bunch, named Greg. 

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Some Brady kids are noticeably missing from the series

The Brady children often worked together when it came to live performances, school projects, and chores around the house. However, they weren’t always spending time together.

According to CBR, in the novel titled Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of The Brady Bunch as Told by the Father/Son Team Who Really Know, television producer Sherwood Schwartz and his son, Lloyd J. Schwartz, discussed some of the myths surrounding The Brady Bunch. That including how to series cut costs by excluding some children from the episodes.

“Later, also for a few episodes, the studio – again to save money – arbitrarily asked us to eliminate one of the six kids from each episode on a rotating basis,” the article states. “We did it for a short while, but Dad talked the studio out of this since he knew the audience had their favorites and would miss the missing Brady kid.”

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The only Brady kid who is in every episode is Greg

This is especially true of season 2, where the one kid is missing from several episodes. In episode 6, titled, “Call Me Irresponsible,” Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) is missing. For episode 8, “A Fistful of Reasons,” Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) is missing.

Christopher Knight (Peter Brady) is missing from the episode titled “The Tattle-Tale.” Maureen McCormick (Marcia Brady) is missing from episode 11. In episode 17, titled “Coming-Out Party”, Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady) is missing. 

The only Brady child who is in every episode was Barry Williams (Greg Brady,) who was a fan-favorite of the series. Thanks to the show, fans saw this character become “the Casanova of Clinton Avenue” and the grooviest guy at his high school.

Episodes of The Brady Bunch are available for streaming on Hulu.