Brandi and Cody Rhodes’ Reality Show ‘Rhodes to the Top’ Is Totally Different from ‘Miz & Mrs.’ for 2 Reasons, Cody Says

All Elite Wrestling is also expanding beyond the ring. AEW executives and performers Brandi and Cody Rhodes are getting their own reality series, Rhodes to the Top. This isn’t the first reality TV series starring professional wrestlers though. WWE superstars The Miz and Maryse have the show Miz and Mrs. but the Rhodes’ say Rhodes to the Top is totally different. 

Cody Rhodes puts his arms around Brandi Rhodes
Cody and Brandi Rhodes | Jeremy Freeman/WarnerMedia

Cody Rhodes was on a Television Critics Association Zoom panel on Sept. 23 with Brandi. Cody outlined the differences between Rhodes to the Top and Miz and Mrs. Rhodes to the Top airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT.

‘Rhodes to the Top’ takes AEW fans behind the scenes

Rhodes to the Top follows Brandi and Cody in and out of the ring. One reason their show is different is that it shows them running the AEW business.

“I think probably the thing that separates this show from Miz & Mrs., or even Total Divas before that, is the access to AEW behind the scenes,” Cody said. “Me being an old-school wrestler, that was always so taboo and almost scary to really pull the curtain back that far.”

AEW launched in 2019. Cody’s father, Dusty Rhodes, was also a WWE superstar, but AEW reflects Cody’s own take on the sport.

Rhodes to the Top: Brandi Rhodes holds Cody's shoulders
Cody and Brandi Rhodes | Jeremy Freeman/WarnerMedia

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“It’s almost insulting the audience’s intelligence not to do it this day and age because we have such a hardcore fan, super-fan that makes up the base of who watches AEW,” Cody said. “So really it’s unprecedented in terms of the access that people have backstage. And one of the beautiful things about Brandi being the Chief Brand Officer and myself being one of the Executive Vice Presidents is we were able to let them see it all. What does it really look like in the back of a wrestling show?”

Brandi and Cody are not the only AEW talent who appear on Rhodes to the Top. AEW fans will see other familiar faces on the show.

“Tony Khan, the President of AEW, he ended up being a character on Rhodes To The Top, because he’s such a significant player obviously in the real management structure, which this is a real show,” Cody said. “And he really pops and kind of beams across the television set. So I think that will be the key difference.”

Brandi and Cody Rhodes make ‘Rhodes to the Top’ unique

The Miz and Maryse are unique WWE talent. Brandi and Cody are also unique, the other reason Rhodes to the Top is a different beast.


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“One of the things I’m really proud of is we come off as such punk rock and this challenger brand and this alternative, and it almost sometimes comes off as disorganized,” Cody said. “But when you see AEW, how it really functions, you’ll see, wow, it’s incredibly organized and streamlined, and it’s a family environment and a winning environment.”

There’s room for both ‘Rhodes to the Top’ and ‘Miz and Mrs.’

Rhodes to the Top will ultimately stand apart because Cody and Brandi are individuals. Cody is familiar with Miz and Mrs. though.

“Obviously, Miz and Maryse and Brandi and myself are far different,” Cody said. “We’re friendly with one another. They’ve got a great story and the story we’re telling in our lives, the crossroads I’m at in my career, this unexpected beautiful gift we were able to receive in our baby girl, Liberty, and that happened right there in front of the Rhodes To The Top crew. But that peek behind the curtain is going to really, I think, set this show apart from other shows in the wrestling space.”