Brandy Wrote and Sang Background on a Toni Braxton Song

Brandy is experiencing an awesome career resurgence. With Moesha available for streaming on Netflix and new music out, Brandy is once again in her prime. The singing icon‘s nickname is the “Vocal Bible” for her impressive tone and runs but she also has a talent for songwriting. In addition to writing her own music, she’s also responsible for one of Toni Braxton’s popular songs.  

Brandy and Toni Braxton
Brandy and Toni Braxton 1997 | KMazur/WireImage

Brandy on Toni Braxton’s “Always”

“Always” is a song on Braxton’s fifth full-length studio album, More Than a Woman. Though the album was released in November 2002, the recording process for the album took a year, beginning sometime in 2001. 

Braxton worked with several writers and producers on the album, including her younger sister Tamar who penned six songs and contributed background vocals to all 12 songs. She also worked with Irv Gotti and The Neptunes.

Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins and his protégée Robert “Big Bert” Smith wrote and produced “Always.” At the time, Big Bert was also working on Brandy’s third full-length studio album Full Moon and was dating Brandy. Brandy has writing credits on “Always” and also sings background on the track.

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Brandy’s raspy vocals and clear tone on the background are evident behind Braxton’s sultry sound throughout the song, especially on certain adlibs and on the chorus.

The song is reminiscent of many of Brandy’s songs from her sophomore album Never Say Never and Full Moon. She and Braxton both work with Darkchild, who is famous for a certain sound.

The song details a woman fed up with arguing with her lover, asking him to surrender and instead focus on the good parts of their relationship. The ballad coincides with Braxton’s signature love-stricken themes throughout her earlier hits. 

Brandy’s currently promoting her seventh album; Brandy co-wrote much of the album

It took Brandy nearly three years to gain the confidence to release new music. She describes her new album, appropriately titled B7 as her best work yet.

“This is a heartbreak album, on top of me also finding my voice, finding my self-love,” she tells ABC News. “My heart was just on blast … I’ve never been this creative in terms of music, just with writing and producing. It just seemed like I was going into a different part of myself, discovering things about myself I didn’t really hone (in on) before.”

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Brandy says several things held her back from releasing new music, including legal disputes with previous managers and labels, personal challenges, and an overall love-hate relationship with the music business.

Aware of her fans missing her and feeling the need to sing about her experiences, Brandy is risking it all with B7 and lives with minimal fear more than ever before.

Following her Verzus battle with Monica, B7 soared to the top of the iTunes charts. The album is also receiving positive reviews from critics. 

As with Braxton’s “Always,” Brandy co-wrote much of her new music. It’s also her first independent album. Her new label, Brand Nu Entertainment, makes her a first-time business owner. 

It’s unclear if she plans on writing for other artists and bringing in new talent on her new label. Either way, fans are happy she’s back!