Bravo’s ‘Married to Medicine LA’ Cast Express Frustration About the ‘Treatment of Black Folks in America’

The cast from Married to Medicine Los Angles spoke out about the death of George Floyd and shared their frustration with the “treatment of black folks in America.”

Jazmin Johnson, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Kendra Segura, Dr. Imani Walker, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole
Jazmin Johnson, Shanique Drummond, Dr. Kendra Segura, Dr. Imani Walker, Lia Dias, Dr. Britten Cole | Elisabeth Caren/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Dr. Britten Cole shared a compilation video on Instagram, featuring some of the cast expressing their anger, frustration, and disappointment with police brutality toward people of color. “I can’t breathe,” Cole began the video. “Because I’m infuriated and frustrated with the treatment of black folks in America. If I can’t breathe, how can you?

In addition to Cole’s video, other cast members expressed pain and emotion on their personal Instagram pages as the country faced rioting and more violence.

‘The color of your skin should not equate to death’

The powerful all-female cast expressed their disbelief and disappointment with the endless string of violence against people of color.

“I’m Jazmin Johnson and I’m enraged at the lack of accountability from the people who are supposed to protect and serve my family,” Jazmin Johnson shared. “The color of your skin should not equate to death.”

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“My name is Kendra Segura,” Dr. Kendra Segura said. “Knee on neck. He couldn’t breathe. We can’t breathe. But we will continue to speak up until we all can.”

“Hi, I’m Shanique Drummond. I just cannot put into words the amount of emotions that I’m feeling,” Shanique Drummond said. “We’re not animals.” The video ended with “Black Lives Matter.”

Later, Cole and Segura spoke with people in the community about what they were experiencing, including the shock over looting and destruction. “I can’t breathe,” Cole posted along with her video. “Drs Ken and Ten join Lia to have a discussion about the riots, looting, protests and why black folks can’t seem to get equality in this country divided.”

Mothers who worry about their children

In a recent episode, Dr. Imani Walker and Cole discuss racism with their children. Walker recalls having a discussion with her son as early as Kindergarten. The physicians explain this conversation is a reality people of color must face with their children.

Walker shared to Instagram a photo compilation of people who’ve been killed. “😔 So many names, so many faces,” she wrote. “We continue to lift their spirits up in praise, as they’re not forgotten. I’m just now hearing about the #BreonnaTaylor news. So many chills are moving through my body right now, but the thought of there being others whose names we are not saying because we’re unaware of their story… it’s absolutely gut-wrenching. 💔”

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She added, “As the mother of a young Black man, it hurts to know that the color of his skin is seen as a weapon to so many. We must continue to demand change, justice, and respect, but most importantly, remind everyone that #BlackLivesMatter. I love us. Please continue to be safe and stand strong. ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿”

Walker typically tweets during the episode. But shared that in light of the current circumstances she just urged fans to stay safe. “A new episode of #Married2MedLA kicks off shortly at 9P/8C on @BravoTV,” she tweeted.

“Due to the current circumstances, I won’t be live-tweeting or hosting an IG Live this evening. Taking the time to power down and regroup for the week. Continue to stay safe, y’all.”