Bravo’s ‘Unanchored’ Cast Shares Rules for Living on a Boat

Cast of Unanchored | Korey Flint Instagram

Living together with a bunch of your best friends on a boat for three weeks may sound awesome. But the cast of Bravo’s new docu-series, Unanchored say you need to establish some pretty clear-cut rules to survive.

The show promises to be a Vanderpump Rules meets Below Deck mashup. But it also appears to have a sprinkling of Bravo’s other friends series Southern Charm and Summer House too. Either way, throw a bunch of people together to live in a sailboat and drama is bound to unfold.

The cast gave Bravo a list of rules to follow when living in close quarters. Viewers will have to wait until Monday, December 3 at 10/9c to see if they live up to them (doubtful).

Don’t be a slob

Sounds like common sense when living with others, but the Unanchored team says being clean is of vital importance. “If you make a mess in the kitchen or living space, clean it up,” says Kindergarten teacher Rachel McGowan.

Also, like on Below Deck, no shoes on the boat. Plus this interesting tip: no red wine. It leaves stains. Additional advice is to work as a team, respect each other to keep the boat clean and happy.  Plus, “Make sure you are clean, the crew is fed most importantly happy skipper happy crew,” Korey Warzala, business development entrepreneur adds.

Leave most of your clothing at home

More than one cast member said to pack far less than you think you’ll need.  You should also bring “Lots and lots of bikinis,” Chelsi Pugliese, who works in medical sales, says. Also, leave your granny panties at home. Exotic clothing rules, with some cast members saying that plenty of skin is going to be revealed.

Plus a few crew members mentioned costumes. The more costumes the better was a running theme. In several sneak peek previews the cast is dressed in some pretty crazy costumes. So viewers should be prepared for the fun.

If you plan to party or hook up…

Drinking seems to be a big part of this three-week excursion. “Finish your beverage, no fallen soldiers,” Pugliese says. Additionally, always have a good stash of Pringles because apparently they are eaten fast.

Also, if you plan “an away game” make it back to the boat before they set sail. Don’t hook up on the boat either because it will cause a lot of drama. Oh no. And also don’t bring your boyfriend or girlfriend along. What are the chances that the hookup rules will be violated pretty quickly?

Boat rules

This group, like Below Deck say that safety is a huge priority. So don’t leave lines in the water because they could tangle with the boat’s equipment. Additionally, water is at a premium. Take short showers and turn off the water in between washing dishes.

And if you like smooth, blow-dried hair, give up. The boat doesn’t have the capacity to power a blow dryer so air dry your locks.

Finally, cast members say you should leave inhibitions at home. “Prepare to share everything,” says Max Craddock, law school grad says. “There’s no such thing as TMI. Share sex stories, prepare to share all your food, your costumes or clothes. Everything.”

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