‘Braxton Family Values’: Towanda Braxton on Her Issues With Traci and Being Viewed as the Jealous Sister

Traci Braxton is adamant about setting boundaries with her sisters. The Braxton Family Values star says she needs space to heal from hurtful situations, including a disagreement with her sister Towanda. While Towanda would like to move forward, she understands Traci’s position. 

Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton
Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

In a new interview, Towanda speaks about her current relationship status with Traci. She also shoots down the perception that she’s not a supportive sister and denies she’s jealous of their success. 

Towanda and Traci Braxton are currently feuding

Towanda and Traci have not been on consistent speaking terms since their blowup argument during the season six finale episode. Traci accuses Towanda’s boyfriend Sean of interfering in the sisters’ business. She blames Towanda for allowing it to happen. She notoriously confronted Towanda, calling her a snake.

The sisters remain distant. During a sit-down conversation between the two in a recent episode, Traci admits she’s not ready to completely mend fences. She feels it’s necessary to create boundaries between she and her sisters and believes she has not been treated fairly nor respected. 

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Traci is also still mad with Sean, admitting she does not like him. She thinks he is an opportunist, which Towanda disagrees with. Towanda has also been throwing jabs at Taci’s husband on social media, alleging his marriage with Traci is toxic.

While Traci admits she misses the bond she shares with her sisters, she believes space is necessary. She notes their issues never get resolved and she’s not open to mending fences until certain behaviors change.

Towanda Braxton says Traci is not ready to address their issues; Towanda blames editing for being her portrayal as a jealous sister

The drama between the sisters continues on social media as they live Tweet during the airing of each weekly episode. Urban Belle reports that Towanda is open to speaking with Traci, though she feels Traci is holding onto resentment. Towanda spoke on the issues in her recent interview with Just A Thought Podcast.

“Traci’s still in an unsettling space to me in my opinion,” she said. “I think that there’s a lot of things that definitely need to be discussed and until she’s ready to talk about the root of her issues, we can’t move forward but I will accept her where she is though.”

Towanda also spoke on poor editing on the show. Fans remember in seasons three and four, Towanda and Tamar were not on good terms. 

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Tamar accused Towanda of being the leader of an alliance with her sisters against her. She also accused her sisters of not being supportive of her breakout singing and reality television career – and being jealous of her success.

“I don’t like how, especially in the earlier seasons, I wanna say season 3 or 4, how I personally was being portrayed as the jealous sister, the angry black woman, the woman who couldn’t get her stuff together,” Towanda said. “I didn’t like any of that because unfortunately because they didn’t show what I was doing, it made people’s perception think, ‘She ain’t doing this and this and this,’ but that wasn’t true.”

She notes that she’s the only one who continually shows up and supports her sisters, no matter if there were issues between them or not. 

Braxton Family Values airs every Thursday at 9 om EST on We TV.