‘Braxton Family Values’: Trina and Towanda Say They Both Had Horrible Husbands

The Braxton sisters are famous for their singing talent as a group and even more so their sister feuds. But, fans are also aware of their issues within their own marriages. Towanda recently responded to Traci throwing shade toward her sister’s marriages but she admits that her relationship with her ex-husband was not the best. Trina agrees that she too can relate to Towanda.

Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter with their children
Towanda Braxton and Andre Carter with their children | Prince Williams/FilmMagic

A recap of Trina and Towanda Braxton’s past marriages

When Braxton Family Values premiered in 2011, both Trina and Towanda were honest about their strained marriages. Both experienced infidelity, with Trina alleging her husband Gabe Solis had been unfaithful for five years of their seven-year marriage. 

Towanda became frustrated with her husband, Andre Carter, due to his lack of work and his inability to financially support their family. During the season finale episode of season one, Towanda presented Carter with separation papers. 

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Despite such, the two remained married for several more years with Carter insisting he was stepping up as a provider. By 2014, Towanda filed for divorce to end their 12-year marriage.

The divorce resulted in a short battle for custody over their two children and property division. They both walked away with split custody and not having to pay the other child support or alimony.

Trina and Solis continued trying to work on their marriage, separating and getting back together several times before their divorce in 2015. Solis died of cancer in 2018. 

Trina and Towanda Braxton explain why their husbands were horrible partners 

While interviewing with The Morning Hustle, the sisters discuss why their marriages did not last. Trina says her first husband, who remains nameless, lacked maturity.

“My first husband I can only charge him with youth,” she explains, per Madame Noire. “I met him at 15, we had our first son at 19, got married at 20, had another kid at 21, and got divorced at 24. That’s a lot for kids to go through because we were kids. I have to charge it to immaturity and not to anything else.”

Trina says that despite her marital issues with Solis, she respects him and was able to remain friends with him due to him stepping up as a parent and raising her two sons.

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“Anybody can say anything they want about my relationship with Gabe but I will never disrespect him because he stepped in when my children’s biological father did not,” she says. “He raised children that were not his and he never had any biological children of his own.”

As for Towanda, she says her marriage to Carter was a mess. “[He] gave me two beautiful children and I thank him for that and that’s it,” she says. “Maybe I should have just allowed him to be my donor. Because our genes together make incredible kids.”

Both Trina and Towanda are currently seeing new partners. Trina is now married to her third husband, Von Scales. Their relationship journey has been documented on Braxton Family Values and the couple wed in December 2019 in Scales’ hometown of St. Louis. 

Towanda is currently dating music producer Sean Hall. The couple met in the mid-1990s when Hall was producing music for The Braxtons. They reconnected when The Braxtons were recording their 2015 Christmas album and began dating amid Towanda’s divorce from Carter.