‘Breaking Bad’: 5 Funniest Scenes From the Series

Breaking Bad was never meant to be a comedy, but even the most serious topics need a little comedic relief occasionally. The dramatic scenes during Breaking Bad may be the most memorable. However, there are plenty of humorous times that made fans laugh out loud, too.

Not all of the funny scenes on Breaking Bad were meant to be funny. But that doesn’t change the fact that they were.

Jesse has an awkward dinner with Walter White and Skyler

Jesse having dinner at Walt and Skyler’s house | Ursula Coyote/AMC

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Walt invites Jesse to dinner as a form of revenge both for him and for Skyler. As expected, the dinner is super awkward, which also makes it funny.

Walt and Skyler silently seethe at each other across the table while Jesse attempts to make conversation. It’s painful to watch Jesse saying, “These are great green beans, Mrs. White,” but, simultaneously, a moment worth laughing at.

Walter White throws a pizza on the roof

Breaking Bad pizza | AMC

The episode “Caballo Sin Nombre” includes one of the most memorable moments from the series. The scene where Walt throws an entire pizza onto the roof of his house in frustration was not meant to be funny. But his anger directed at the dinner he brought home for his family is inadvertently hysterical.

Pizza throwing also inspired hundreds of pranks over the years at the real house in Arizona where Breaking Bad was filmed. Showrunner Vince Gilligan urged fans to stop throwing pizzas and bothering the homeowners, who might have found it slightly amusing the first time but eventually stopped seeing the humor.

“There is nothing original or funny or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady’s roof,” Gilligan said, referring to the homeowner. “It’s been done before. You’re not the first.”

Jesse uses his catchphrase to talk about magnets

The Albuquerque Police Department confiscates the laptop that includes footage of Jesse and Walt cooking meth, so they understandably want to retrieve it. But since they can’t get into the evidence room, they devise a plan to destroy the laptop using a giant magnet.

After testing their plan at a junkyard, Jesse exclaims, “Yeah, b*tch! Magnets!” while jumping in the air. It’s not the first time Jesse utters his signature phrase but it’s one of the funniest by far, Goliath reported.

Walt quits the car wash

Walter White doesn’t always mean to be funny. But even he must have seen the humor when he quit the car wash.

When Walt says to his former boss, “F*ck you and your eyebrows!” plus grabs his crotch, it’s one of the funniest moments of the entire show.

Jesse messes around in the meth lab

Jessie Pinkman | Ursula Coyote/AMC

The character Jesse is the source of comedic relief throughout Breaking Bad. One of the funniest clips is when he’s bored in Gus Fring’s meth lab and starts screwing around, conducting his own chair races, using a high-pressure hose to blow up his suit, and putting his head in a giant vacuum.   

The scene wasn’t necessary for the storyline. But it did provide a lot of insight into Jesse’s character, reiterating how young he really was.