‘Breaking Bad’: RJ Mitte Endorses Spinoff Idea: ‘There’s Drama There’

Fans were sad to see Breaking Bad end after just five seasons. The series following Albuquerque meth dealer Walter White was a critical success and had garnered a massive fan base throughout its run. The good thing is it had plenty of potential for a spinoff, hence the creation of Better Call Saul, the prequel series following Walter’s lawyer Saul Goodman. But there have also been talks about other projects, like one centering Walt Jr.

In an interview, actor RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) shared his thoughts on the idea, saying he would be game for a show focused on his character.

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston in a scene for ‘Breaking Bad’ | Ursula Coyote/AMC

RJ Mitte on a Walt Jr. ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff

Speaking to Express.co.uk in an interview published on April 25, Mitte opened up about a possible spinoff centering his character. Fans may remember that Breaking Bad ended with Walt Jr. readopting the name Flynn and totally disconnecting from his father. It’s unclear what happens to him after Walt’s death, but it’s possible he inherited his trust fund at 18 and has been using it to support himself and his family.

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Mitte, 28, admitted he would be open to continuing that story. “I’m always down,” he told Express.co.uk. “I’d like to see some stuff for the future of the characters, especially the immediate family like the aftermath of what happened to Bryan [Cranston] (Walt) after his death in the family. So I think I’m always down to bring that back. And I like to see Anna [Gunn] (Skyler White) and Betsy [Brandt] (Marie Shrader) and everyone again.”

A Walt Jr. ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff would feature ‘heavy drama,’ says RJ Mitte

Mitte also discussed Walt Jr.’s unresolved feelings toward his father and how that could make for “heavy drama” in another TV show.

He explained, “I mean, as an individual that has been in that position of this is our last conversation and it didn’t go well. I think for Walt Junior, there’s a lot of regrets of time loss. And I think we all have that. I think that could be something really cool and a testament to that character that it’s a real-life experience.”

“A lot of people in this world have had those conversations with a parent or uncle or whatever, where it was like, this was the last conversation, it didn’t go well and they died,” Mitte continued. “And it’s like, man, I can’t go back now. I can’t like apologize or do anything about this. I already did it and now they’re dead.”

Mitte said those feelings coupled with Skyler White’s regrets could make for an interesting story. “You know, I feel like there’s a good drama there. I feel like it’s a very heavy drama but I think there’s a lot to be done there,” he added. “It’s really not up to me, or it would be done. I think there could be some stuff for the future.”

So far, there’s no official word on another spinoff. For now, fans will just have to keep tuning in to Better Call Saul, which returns with its sixth and final season in 2022.