‘Breaking Bad’ Star Bryan Cranston Reveals His 2 Favorite Episodes of the Series

Asking Breaking Bad fans to choose their favorite episode of the series is sort of like asking parents to pick a favorite child. In other words: an impossible task.

The most impressive thing about the Emmy-award winning drama was that it told a complete story from start to finish. Breaking Bad episodes weren’t meant to be judged on their own, but rather contributed to a greater narrative that explored the character Walter White turning “from Mr. Chips into Scarface.” It was all about the journey, not the destination.

Certain episodes of the series are more popular while others are equally loved and hated. Lead actor Bryan Cranston revealed his top two picks for the best of the series.

Bryan Cranston chose 2 surprising ‘Breaking Bad’ episodes as favorites

Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Bryan Cranston as Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’ | AMC

The most popular episode of Breaking Bad is “Ozymandias,” which some fans and critics consider the best hour of dramatic television in history. However, that’s not one of the options that series star Bryan Cranston chose as his two favorite episodes of the series.

Screen Rant reported that the 64-year-old actor selected “Felina” and “Phoenix” as his top two choices.

‘Phoenix’ represented a turning point for Walter White

There are so many moments fans could cite as major milestones in Walter White’s transformation into Heisenberg. But perhaps one of the most significant occurs during season 2 episode 12, “Phoenix.”

In the episode, Walt misses the birth of his daughter because he’s too busy dealing with his new boss Gus Fring and a drug delivery. Jesse has become involved with his landlord, Jane Margolis, and she convinces him to take his share of the money and run. She calls Walt to blackmail him and later passes out after doing heroin with Jesse.

Walt arrives at Jesse’s apartment to confront him only to discover him and Jane passed out in bed. Then, Jane starts choking on her own vomit in her sleep. Initially, Walt reaches out to help her, before deciding to let her die.

Cranston had a hard time shooting Jane’s overdose scene

Jesse, Walt and Jane
Jesse Pinkman, Jane Margolis, and Walter White | Lewis Jacobs/AMC

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Walter White clearly had no problem letting Jane die a horrible death, but the actor said the scene brought up complicated emotions. Cranston admitted he was a “weeping mess” during shooting because he kept picturing his own daughter in her place.

Jane’s death indirectly leads to a plane crash when her father, an air traffic controller, has a mental breakdown at work. Overall, this episode establishes Walt as a villain who will stop at nothing to get his way.

He’s also a fan of the ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale, ‘Felina’

The final three episodes of Breaking Bad work together to wrap up the show on a high note. Most critics heap praise on “Ozymandias” — showrunner Vince Gilligan’s favorite — but “Felina” is also worthy of attention.

In “Felina,” Walt returns from his hiding spot in New Hampshire to make amends for his wrongs. He intimidates former business associates Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz into safeguarding his stashed money and giving it to his family. Then, he visits estranged wife Skyler and admits that he became a drug dealer because he was selfish.

Finally, Walt goes to the white supremacist compound to deal with Uncle Jack. He wipes out the whole gang by rigging a machine gun into the trunk of his car. Walt had originally intended to kill his former partner Jesse but after seeing the state he’s in, lets him go.

Then Walt takes one last look at the meth lab before collapsing on the floor dead. It’s a proper sendoff for one of the most notorious antiheros in television history.

No wonder Cranston counts it as one of his favorites.