‘Breaking Bad’: The 5 Worst Things Evil Psychopath Todd Alquist Ever Did

Breaking Bad fans always knew Todd Alquist was a bad guy. But it wasn’t until the highly anticipated epilogue to the show aired that they got to see just how psychotic Todd really was. Even though El Camino was technically a movie about Jesse Pinkman, there were certain scenes where Todd (Jesse Plemons) stole the show.

There are plenty of evil acts Todd carries out over the course of Breaking Bad. These are the worst of the worst.

Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

Warning: this article contains spoilers for El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and the Breaking Bad television series.

Todd murders an innocent child

From the first time he’s introduced to Breaking Bad, we get the impression that Todd is a little bit off. But it isn’t until the turning point in “Dead Freight” that we realize just how heartless Todd really is. Season 5, Episode 5 of Breaking Bad is a heart-pounding, action-packed ride involving the guys pulling off a train heist. At the very end, they realize that a young child witnessed the whole thing.

Before Walt, Jesse, and the crew can discuss what to do about it, Todd pulls out a gun and shoots the kid with no hesitation. It’s a chilling moment and definitive proof of Todd’s true nature. And the even creepier part? He keeps his murder victim’s pet tarantula as a sort of trophy.

Jesse Plemons on Breaking Bad
Jesse Plemons on Breaking Bad | AMC

He introduces Walter White to Uncle Jack

After Walter White alienates himself from all his former friends and allies, he also becomes a ruthless murderer without a moral compass. Walt needs help disposing of Mike’s nine guys who were former employees of Gustavo Fring because they all know about Heisenberg and his meth operation. Walt goes to the one person he knows will take care of his problem with no issue.

Todd makes the introduction between Walt and Uncle Jack along with his white supremacist gang, which will eventually end up having disastrous consequences for everyone involved.

Todd and Uncle Jack
Todd and Uncle Jack | AMC

Todd keeps Jesse held captive

The most disarming thing about Todd’s demeanor is how friendly and accommodating he seems, pretending to have Jesse’s best interest in mind even while his Uncle Jack is holding him prisoner at the Nazi compound. He gives Jesse small gifts, like cigarettes. But all of Todd’s faux kindness is a form of psychological torture for Jesse.

The truth remains that Todd could let Jesse go at any point when Uncle Jack isn’t around. If he really did feel remorse for Jesse’s situation, he’d let him go. But he doesn’t.

He makes meth

Todd Alquist
Todd Alquist | AMC

Though it becomes a commonplace theme of the show, manufacturing meth and helping others cover up the crime is a truly evil enterprise. The drug business helps fuel addiction and always involves violence, too.

Not only is Todd a willing participant, but he’s also an eager student. When Walt loses Jesse as his lab assistant, he hires Todd instead. Todd even refuses payment for his services until he can learn how to cook well enough.

He murders his housekeeper for no reason

El Camino includes plenty of extended flashback scenes that provide missing parts of the story to Breaking Bad fans. During one of these scenes, we learn that Todd murdered his housekeeper simply because she found the hiding place of his secret cash stash. Instead of relocating the money, Todd kills the innocent woman just for knowing too much. It’s eerily reminiscent of how he treated the little boy at the train heist.

Then comes the scene no one can stop talking about. The Breaking Bad movie shows Todd cruising down the highway in his El Camino singing along to the 1978 version of “Sharing the Night Together” by Dr. Hook. The viewer knows that while Todd is enjoying himself, he has his housekeeper’s dead body rolled up in a rug in the trunk of the car and his captive Jesse locked right next to her.

All these scenes and more prove that Todd is one of the creepiest, evilest, most vile characters from Breaking Bad.