‘Breaking Bad’: The Heartwarming Walter White Scene Deleted From the Series Finale

Any true lover of television has watched the thrilling Breaking Bad at least once. The show’s mix of familial drama and heart-pounding crime exploits makes the show a masterpiece in modern television, and extremely popular among its loyal fans.

These fans were rewarded by a fitting end to the acclaimed show, which can be a difficult accomplishment. Shows that are as loved by their fans as Breaking Bad is can have a hard time sticking the landing, shown by the reviled Game of Thrones finale.

Breaking Bad was one of the rare shows that had a satisfying conclusion, and one that could have been made even more emotional with the inclusion of one heartwarming deleted scene. 

What is ‘Breaking Bad’ about? 

Breaking Bad follows the turn of science teacher and family man Walter into a ruthless drug lord who goes by the fearsome street name Heisenberg. Walt sinks deep into the world of meth-making and selling in order to make money for his family’s future security, which leads him into the path of a number of even more dangerous criminals.

Walt, and his partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), uses his intellect to escape many a tough situation but in the end, the two cannot outrun all of their demons. Jesse’s experience after the conclusion of the television series can be seen in the Netflix original movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story and many characters from the show can be seen in the spinoff series Better Call Saulwhich focuses on Walt confidant and lawyer Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk).

In the show’s finale, Walt seeks to finish what he started when he began meth-making by delivering a large amount of money to his family. This is a difficult task, as many powerful groups seek to find and kill Walt for his past actions. 

The ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale

Bryan Cranston as Walter White
Bryan Cranston as Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad’ | AMC

In the show’s fifth and final season Walt finally gets what is coming to him, and the final episode of the show is one of the most violent in the show’s long and bloody history. In the show’s exceptional finale Felina, Walt ties up the loose ends from his troubled past, which includes saving his former partner Jesse.

Despite Walt’s rescue of his former partner, the deep wounds that Walt has caused are too much for the two to repair. Walt’s rescue mission of Jesse includes the extremely violent and memorable scene in which a group of Nazis is killed.

Walt is able to accomplish this by the use of his ingenious Gatling gun car invention, which results in the brutal death of a number of neo-Nazi drug dealers. This triumph is short-lived, as the show’s main character must flee, and the series eventually ends with Walt’s final moments of life. 

The emotional scene that was deleted from the series finale


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During the series finale, Walt makes a telephone call while he pretends to be a reporter with the Times. In a deleted scene following the call, Walt was supposed to see an old student from his past.

Walt asks his former pupil if he was a good teacher, which the student says that he was. The student even recalls a lesson in which Walt used different chemicals to change the color of a flame.

This moment reveals a key part of the tragedy that is the life of Walter White. A good teacher, husband, and father is corrupted past the point of redemption, but the viewer knows that his life could have been different, and better.

This is proven by the former student, who still remembers his high school teacher all these years later. The heartwarming scene was cut out of the televised finale to save on time and can be seen on the show’s DVD special features.