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Walter White’s family on Breaking Bad is understandably devastated to learn he’s dying of lung cancer. His diagnosis is what spurs the high school chemistry teacher to turn to meth manufacturing in the first place. But the Walt fans encounter in season 1 of the series is not the same person as Heisenberg from season 5.

By the time Walt dies at the end of Breaking Bad, his wife and son despise him. And even though he began the journey hoping to help his family, eventually Walt’s loved ones realize they’re all better off after he’s dead.

Walter White leaves his family millions of dollars before he dies

For a while it seems like Heisenberg might get away with hiding in plain sight. But eventually, the authorities catch up to Walt and he becomes the most wanted man in Albuquerque. His assets are seized and Skyler is forced to move to a small condo in disgrace. She’s furious that Walt ruined her life with his selfishness.

Before his demise, Walt manages to leave some hidden cash with his former business associate, Elliot Schwartz. He tricks Elliot into helping him get the money to Skyler, Walt Jr., and Holly without law enforcement finding out about it and without them knowing it came from him.

It’s a brilliant solution for getting money to his family post-death, which was Walt’s goal from the beginning of the series. The audience never finds out what becomes of the White family but we have to assume their financial situation improves after Walt dies.

Skyler White and her kids are safer after Heisenberg dies

Walter White and Skyler White on 'Breaking Bad'
Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Skyler White (Anna Gunn) on ‘Breaking Bad’ | Ursula Coyote/AMC

Besides the illegal aspect of the drug business, Skyler hates Walt making meth because it puts her husband and kids in constant danger. She goes along with his methods because she feels she has no choice. But Breaking Bad fans know Skyler would prefer her safety over the money.

The constant friction between Skyler and Walt leads to one of Heisenberg’s most famous rants on the show. When Skyler keeps insisting she fears for his life because of all the bad people associated with drug dealing, Walt growls, “I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!”

Skyler White has a story to tell about Walter White breaking bad


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Before Walt’s cancer diagnosis and foray into drug manufacturing, the Whites lived an average suburban life. Perhaps Skyler appreciated the predictability of that life. But regardless, her post-Walt story would make for a great book or television series.

Reddit fans speculate that Skyler could pen a best-selling memoir about her experience being married to a secret drug kingpin and how everything spun out of control. This could help rebuild her reputation plus would lead to even more financial benefits beyond what Walt secretly left the family.

Breaking Bad is a show that exposed the worst aspects of human nature. It may have been difficult to accept. But eventually, Skyler was better off knowing exactly what type of person she was married to.