Brian Austin Green Wishes Megan Fox ‘the Best,’ Credits Luke Perry for His Positive Outlook – ‘She’s On Her Own Path’

Brian Austin Green revealed that Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Luke Perry’s positive and authentic outlook on life contributed to his attitude toward ex-wife Megan Fox.

He said Perry taught him to live in the moment and strive to be the best person he can be, especially after Perry died suddenly in 2019. Even after Perry’s death, those lessons carried over to his divorce from Fox.

Brian Austin Green said he and Megan Fox grew apart

Green wants only the best for Fox, sharing that they are simply on different paths and that is OK. “Megan, her life in a lot of ways, has been very different from mine,” Green shared on the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green attended the PUBG Mobile's #FIGHT4THEAMAZON Event
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“She’s had a very different experience,” he continued. “She went through immense fame, like instantly when Transformers hit. And so, you know, I think on some level, she has always felt like she didn’t get to experience a lot of like someone young and having that amount of fame would have.”

He wishes Megan Fox well on her journey

Green explained that Fox was confronted with massive fame when she was young but was also dealing with very adult responsibilities. “Because she was in a relationship,” he remarked. “We were together. My oldest son was born. She was helping me raise him. We had kids, you know, so we went through a lot together. But I think we really got to the point in life. She really got to a point where she’s like, I just want different things for myself. And as sad about that as I was I understood it. I get it. That just happens, and we were together for 15 years. That’s a serious relationship. We were married for almost 10.”

After the divorce, Fox began dating Machine Gun Kelly. Kelly recently proposed to Fox and Green is happy for his ex-wife and what her future holds.

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“You know, Megan is on her own path and her own thing, and I wish her the absolute best on it,” he said. “Of course I do. I wouldn’t want any harm to come to anybody. I don’t want anybody to struggle in anything if they can avoid it. But you know, she’s on her own path. She’s going to live her life and have her experiences. There’s nothing that anybody should try to do about that. I would never in a million years want to rob someone of their passion of what their life is, the adventure of it all, and the journey of it all.”

Brian Austin Green gives Luke Perry credit for his outlook

Green says he owes Perry a lot of credit for his outlook on life. “I would constantly ask myself, Luke, looking down on me, how would he feel about what I’ve done?” he asked. “Said or how I’ve dealt with a situation. But for me, him passing was a big catalyst in deciding who I wanted to be for the second half of my life. What really meant something to me and what I wanted to be remembered as. Because Luke was great.”

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“That was really important to him,” Green added. “He didn’t live based on how he was perceived. He lived. And so he was perceived the way he was because he was an incredible person. And I get it. I want to be the same way. I want people to look back on my existence and think, what a great dude. Like, what a solid person he once was.”

He added that Perry was an amazing person. “So that’s a tough road. I mean they call it the road less traveled for a reason because it’s a hard road to be on, to make the tough choices,” he remarked.