Briana Latrise Calls out ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Co-Star Boogie Dash: ‘Pick a Side and Stick to it’

It looks like the fallout between Egypt Criss and Briana Latrise on Growing up Hip Hop is spilling over to the other cast members. Latrise spoke on social media recently about her issues with Boogie Dash’s actions.

Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

Briana Latrise went from polarizing figure to fan-favorite on this season

Since she first arrived on the show, Latrise has been a figure that fans either love or love to hate. She first debuted as a supporting cast member in the second season and remained in that capacity for the third season. She was upped to main cast member status in the fourth season and has been one sense.

Prior to this season, Latrise was most known for stirring drama among the cast, primarily having feuds with Angela Simmons and her former co-star, Kristinia DeBarge. However, the tide turned in her favor this season due to the prominent storyline. Many viewers are not fans of the relationship between Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick.

Latrise has been openly against the relationship, trying to get Criss to see potential issues with the relationship. Criss has not been receptive to this and the two got into a physical altercation in an episode earlier this month.

“Briana has gone from being the villain of the show to a fan favorite,” tweeted one person. Another viewer said, “I couldn’t stand this chick wen [sic] she 1st joined. Now I love her. And feel bad for how she being treated.”

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“One thing I respect about Briana…she went through her hard times on the show…and she didn’t quit. She allowed the audience to see her evolve. Now she’s a fan favorite,” said someone else.

The reality star speaks about one of her castmates on Instagram

On social media, Latrise has called out Dash, who used to be one of her primary allies on the show. From Latrise’s perspective, she seems to be taking issue with the fact that Dash doesn’t seem to be taking a side. According to Urban Belle Mag, she spoke on Instagram live about her relationship with Dash and what she believes was him not sticking up for her.

She explained, “Boogie cool. But that was before I knew Boogie h*e a*s was sitting there in the nail salon with these stupid a*s n***s letting them talk f***ing crazy about the one n***a who was in your corner when your sh*t was going bad. That’s what I can’t f**k with. I can’t do the fake sh*t. I’m over it. I don’t f*ck with you n****s, my n***a.”

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Latrise also brought up the fact that she defended Dash to his father. “I went up against your father for you, bro. Like, I told your father off for you and you gon let these n****s drag my name through the mud like I really ruined their engagement party? I’m not cool with that wishy-washy bulls**t. Pick a side and stick to it, n***a. And my side or no side. F**k out of here. So all you n***as can rot together in a hole somewhere”

Growing up Hip Hop airs weekly on We TV.