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Jon Hamm is famously known for playing the advertising executive Don Draper. He is mostly known for appearing in serious movies such as The Town and Million Dollar Arm.

However, he began appearing in comedy shows, thus proving just how versatile he can be. Whether he cameos as a stupid but handsome doctor in 30 Rock or a handsome kidnapper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, there is no denying that Hamm is a very talented actor. 

That said, most people don’t know that before he started appearing in comedy shows, he appeared in Kristen Wiig’s cult-favorite movie Bridesmaids in an uncredited role. Read on to learn why Hamm didn’t want to be credited for the film.

The premise of ‘Bridesmaids’

Bridesmaids is a story that follows five women as they try to plan a wedding for their friend Lilian. At the helm is Lilian’s best friend Annie and new friend, Helen. Annie is a woman in her mid-thirties whose life seems to be going downhill.

She had set up a bakery, and despite her mad baking skills, the shop didn’t do quite well, and she had to close down. She lives with an English immigrant called Gil, who shares the flat with her brother, also the landlord.

Annie works at a jewelry store, a job she got thanks to her mother. She goes to painful lengths to inform any customers who set foot in the store that whatever joy they are experiencing will end. She eventually gets fired when the owner can’t stand her behavior and arrogance towards the customers.

Getting back home, Gil and her brother ask Annie to move out, thus making her homeless. She has no choice but to move back in with her mother. While hanging out with the other bridesmaids, Annie tells them of Lilian’s favorite things and places to visit.

Helen ends up stealing the ideas and passing them off as her own. Annie gets mad and causes a huge scene resulting in Lilian asking her not to attend her wedding. On the wedding day, Helen shows up at Annie’s house with the news that she can’t find Lilian anywhere.

Annie solicits the help of her cop friend Nathaniel Rhodes (with whom she’s had a romantic involvement) to his refusal. After trying to catch his attention numerously, Rhodes eventually agrees to help, and they find Lilian in her apartment, saying goodbye to it. Helen apologizes for stealing the show all along, and Lilian has a lovely wedding.

Jon Hamm starred as Wiig’s casual fling

In the movie, Wiig’s character Annie is depicted as desperate for affection from her self-absorbed friend-with-benefits Ted, played by Hamm. Ted is a wealthy fellow who usually looks for Annie whenever he wants to have sex.

When the film begins, the two seem to be enjoying each other’s company until the next morning when Ted asks Annie to leave. He reminds her that they agreed that she should never sleep over since they aren’t together. Annie ends up making the walk of shame back to her apartment to get ready for a workout with Lilian.

When she gets stranded in the middle of nowhere, thanks to a fender bender, she calls Rhodes, who comes to pick her up. Unknowingly to him, she had also called Ted, who doesn’t play nice but still picks her up. Rhodes is evidently hurt and walks away. Annie reevaluates her choice in men since Rhodes is nice to her, unlike Ted, and chooses Rhodes instead.

Hamm refused to get credited for the movie

Jon Hamm discusses "Lucy in the Sky" with the Build Series at Build Studio on October 02, 2019 in New York City.
Jon Hamm | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Jon Hamm’s ‘Mad Men’ Role Was Nearly Portrayed By a Surprisingly Different Actor

Before appearing as Ted in the painfully-funny film Bridesmaids, Hamm played serious characters such as Draper in the series Mad Men. He has also appeared in Numbers and CSI: Miami. According to Buzzfeed, Hamm demanded to go uncredited for his role in Bridesmaids since he believed that putting his name on the film will hurt the film’s success.