‘Bridgerton’: There’s a Chance Kim Kardashian Will Appear In Season 2

With its latest hit, BridgertonNetflix brought Jane Austen sentimentality to a 2021 audience. The result is another hit under the Shondaland banner. From the average viewer to worldwide celebrities, everyone seems to be on board with the anachronistic Regency drama. Lead among these people at Kim Kardashian. However, a recent interaction shined a light on how the reality star helped shape the fictional universe. 

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Kim Kardashian | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

What is ‘Bridgerton’?

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According to IMDb, the series is based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton adds some much-needed diversity to a historically white genre and period. While the book series falls in line with the tradition, the series cast a rainbow coalition of actors in an alternative timeline where race is viewed differently after Queen Charlotte’s mixed heritage comes to life. 

Despite an updated cast, however, the show features all the staples that a fan of the Regency period love. Lavish balls, convoluted love stories, and comments on the social structure between the rich and poor all dominate the pages of its script. However, while the series has a lot to say about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, it doesn’t mean it alienates those very same people while they watch. 

Keeping up with the Featheringtons

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Bridgerton may take its roots in Victorian Jane Austen lore, but it also looks into the era through a modern lens. After all, while the way that luxury presented itself 200 years ago may seem different, it’s well in line with how current debutantes function in the real world. As Town and Country noted, the reality star was loud and proud praising the Netflix series after its premiere. This got the eye of one of its stars, Nicola Coughlan.

“As the world’s number one @bridgerton Stan does @KimKardashian know that the Kardashians were a massive inspiration for the Featheringtons, and we talked about them all the time during our fittings? Because I feel like she should know this,” Coughlan tweeted. Kardashian was downright giddy at the tidbit. While the show may sometimes portray its affluent characters with judgment, Kardashian sees this as a tribute to her status as the queen of luxury.

“WHAT?!?! I am freaking out!,” she tweeted in response to the news. “Can I please come to a fitting?!?! It would make my whole life!!!!!! I love you Lady W!” This spawned an invite, of sorts, to the world of BridgertonCoughlon noted that one of the corset-heavy series designers worked with Kardashian at a Met Gala and was used as a template for the costumes in the modern-feeling period piece. 

“Omg yesss of course we would love to have you! Also did you know that Mr Pearl made your corset for the Met Gala and the very next one he made was mine for Bridgerton? You’ve been part of the Bridgerton world for longer than you know,” she said. “OMG I’m gonna faint!!!!!! Does this make me an honorary Duchess in Bridgerton ?!?!?!? I am the corset Queen!” Kardashian tweeted, apparently in awe that she could inspire a series that means so much to her. 

Will The Duchess of ‘Bridgerton’ appear on the show? 

Celebrity Twitter chatter is one thing, however, and getting onto the series could be a distraction from some. Still, it would offer up a unique metacriticism that, in the right hands, could help sell the anachronisms behind the series. Kardashian is no stranger to Hollywood. While she never tried to be an A-list actor, she acted in Tyler Perry’s Temptation and has a slew of cameo appearances across other mediums. At the end of the day, she’s most famous for being herself. Thus far, CNN notes that no cameo is confirmed, but Netflix did drop a Tweet that makes fans wonder if the reality TV queen will make an appearance next season.