‘Bridgerton’: Golda Rosheuvel Says 1 of the Hairstyles ‘Pushed It Too Far’

Actor Golda Rosheuvel returned to her role as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton Season 2, sporting more of her over-the-top looks. By now, Bridgerton fans have seen quite a few of the enormous and intricate hairstyles that the queen wears throughout the series. Rosheuvel and the hairstylist pushed the Bridgerton wigs to the limits for Charlotte’s updos, but one hairstyle ended up being too much.

Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton Season 2. Charlotte wears a blue and purple dress with a large white wig.
Golda Rosheuvel as Queen Charlotte in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 | Liam Daniel/Netflix

Queen Charlotte wears an array of intricate hairstyles in ‘Bridgerton’

Queen Charlotte has always dressed to impress, but Bridgerton hair and makeup designer Erika Ökvist took things up a notch for season 2. “We’ve got so many looks and the characters really show up differently across their scenes. A character could easily have three different looks in a day,” she told Marie Claire.

Some of the most iconic pieces used in the show are Queen Charlotte’s fabulous wigs. “She is the theater,” Ökvist told Marie Claire. “She controls everything and she does that partly through her appearance. I wanted to make sure she never wore the same wig twice.”

Golda Rosheuvel says 1 of the ‘Bridgerton’ wigs went a little too far

Creating Golda Rosheuvel’s intricate Bridgerton wigs was a time-consuming process and a collaborative effort. “A lot of the creation happened on [Rosheuvel’s] head and our goal was always to make her wigs look balanced, but elegant,” Ökvist told Marie Claire. “We tried really hard to make sure it wasn’t heavy for her because we wanted to make sure she could still hold her poses and move about during the shooting day.”

Still, there was a time when Golda Rosheuvel thought the envisioned hairstyle was a little too much even for Bridgerton. “There was only one moment where [hairstylist] Erica [Ökvist] was like — I think it was for one of the balls — ‘I see this boat.’ And I was like, ‘Okay …'” Rosheuvel told Variety.

“And then she made it and it was so big. … It was ridiculous,” Rosheuvel continued. “And we had talked about really pushing as far as we could, do you know what I mean? Like with every look, we were like, ‘Can we push it far?’ And we got away with it with a lot of them, but this one I was like, ‘I think we pushed it a little bit too hard. That’s impossible to wear.'”

Queen Charlotte is getting her own spinoff series

Netflix recently announced that Bridgerton is getting a prequel series that will focus on a young Queen Charlotte. It will also tell the early stories of Lady Violet and Lady Danbury.

Rosheuvel told the story of finding out about the Bridgerton prequel to Variety. “We were filming Season 2 and I got an email about a big meeting that afternoon. I was like, ‘Oh, god. Are we all fired?'” the actor said.

“It took a little while to go, ‘Oh, okay. That’s interesting. Right. Okay. Am I in it? Who’s doing what? Shonda’s writing it? Oh my god. Okay. Netflix has approved it.’ And then we’ve started filming it,” she continued.

Rosheuvel recalled being on set during filming for the prequel and turning to her Bridgerton co-star Hugh Sachs to remark, “This is extraordinary. This is just such a beautiful moment.”

All episodes of Bridgerton are currently streaming on Netflix.

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