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Netflix’s Bridgerton Season2 certainly did not disappoint with the steaming love triangle, the rumors of the ton, and a closer look at the leading female characters. While the series may be about the Bridgertons and their romance stories, it is also about the strong female characters. Netflix announced a spinoff series and Bridgerton Season 2 helped set the stage to dive into the past of the Queen, Lady Bridgerton, and Lady Danbury.

[Warning: The article contains spoiler information for Bridgerton Season 2.]

Queen Charlotte in 'Bridgerton' Season 2 in relation to spinoff sitting on red couch.
Queen Charlotte in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 | via Netflix

A young Queen Charlotte gets her own story in a ‘Bridgerton’ spinoff

Back in 2021, Netflix announced splendid news after the global success of the first season of Bridgerton. According to Variety, the limited spinoff series will dive into the past of Queen Charlotte and select female members of the ton. The main characters include Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury, who fans have all come to love.

“Many viewers had never known the story of Queen Charlotte before Bridgerton brought her to the world, and I’m thrilled this new series will further expand her story and the world of Bridgerton,” said Bela Bajaria, Netflix’s head of global TV.

The series has no official title yet. Bridgerton executive producer Shonda Rhimes will wear her creative hat for the spinoff and be its writer. She will be joined by Betsy Beers and Tom Verica as executive producers. Instead of Chris Van Dusen, Jess Brownell will serve as showrunner. Bridgerton Season 2 has already teased the tumultuous past of the series’ strong female characters.

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 delved into the past of Lady Danbury and the Bridgerton matriarch

A lot of heartaches occur in the new season between Anthony’s battle of the heart, each Bridgertons solo story, and more. Through the season, fans learn how Edmund Bridgerton died and its drastic effects on Anthony and the matriarch of the family. This is one of the ways Bridgerton Season 2 helped set the stage for the spinoff.

Fans do not know too much about Violet Bridgerton or her youth. With the new season, fans only got to learn a bit more. Her husband dies from an allergic reaction to a bee sting while she was still pregnant with the youngest child. Stricken with grief, Violet shuns herself away from her family and has ill thoughts. The flashback scenes show how much she loved her husband the minute he put a ring on her finger. The spinoff series will likely explore how they met.

Lady Danbury has become one of the series’ strongest female characters. Her wit, bravado, and sharp way of thinking are revered. Fans know from season one she is Simon Basset’s godmother and mentor. She was also a close friend of his mother. But fans know nothing else. In Bridgerton Season 2, Lady Danbury sets the record straight to Kate that she is not a governess. She was once married, loved deeply, and became a widow.

Queen Charlotte has her own story to tell after ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2


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What of the Queen? Queen Charlotte may be hunting for scandal, but she has one as well. Again not much is known, but fans are aware her husband, the king, is ill. She tries to keep his failing mind a secret from the ton but misses him dearly. In the first season, fans learn they once had a daughter named Amelia. She dies from an illness.

In Bridgerton Season 2, the king makes an appearance after the turmoil of Edwina and Anthony’s ceremony. He tenderly calls the Queen “Lottie” and calls her his beautiful bride.

Edwina is the one to calm the king and explains she knows he and Queen Charlotte faced troubles during their courtship. But assures him to rest so that they will rule the kingdom with love and compassion. The king looks at the queen and she smiles lovingly with sorrow. He looks at her with pure love that will surely be explored in the spinoff.