‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Why Fans Are Happy Colin and Penelope Didn’t Happen

Netflix’s Bridgerton Season 2 adapted the love triangle between Edwina and Kate Sharma, and Anthony Bridgerton. While all eyes were focused on the palpitating romance, Colin and Penelope’s relationship developed further until it did not. There are still the following seasons to delve into Colin and Penelope’s story, but fans are happy it did not happen in Bridgerton Season 2.

Colin and Penelope in 'Bridgerton' Season 2 staring at each other at the ball.
Colin and Penelope in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 | via Netflix

Penelope learns how Colin really sees her in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

In the first season, fans know Penelope has a deep affection for Colin. They always bordered the compassionate and understanding friend zone. In Bridgerton Season 2, Colin was away in Greece and returned to the Bridgerton estate. While his family had grown bored of his letters, Penelope was the only one who kept in touch.

In the beginning, fans started to believe that maybe Colin had a change of heart and started to see Penelope with loving eyes. Fans could see a more caring dynamic between the two characters. But during the first ball of the season, Colin tells Penelope he was able to look at himself more clearly while on his trip.

He even says he has sworn off women. This alerts Penelope, and she tries to joke she is also a woman but Colin friend zones her saying, “You are Pen. You do not count.”

In the Bridgerton Season 2 finale, Penelope’s heart is further broken when she overhears Colin talking to a group of his friends. They ask if he is courting Penelope, and Colin’s answers shake Penelope to her core. He says he could never in his wildest dreams.

Fans are happy Penelope and Colin did not develop a love story in ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

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It is safe to say that Colin’s words did not sit still well with Penelope and even fans. But in hindsight, fans welcomed that the second season did not try to create a romance between them. Many fans believe it was not their time to shine, and the same goes for Bridgerton Season 3.

“The characters aren’t ready. We need to see Pen really flourish without either of her Bridgerton crutches. She relied so heavily as LW this season on Eloise’s input that it drove me nuts. I want her to have more character development and tell Colin what he can do with it after overhearing what he said in the garden before they have their season,” said one fan on Reddit.

Fans feel a Bridgerton Season 3 will be the right time for Colin to mature and Penelope to come into her own voice away from being Lady Whistledown. The second season only proved they have work to do individually. For fans, it makes more sense for the third season to hold off putting them in the spotlight or be the start of something new.

“Penelope and Colin both have a TON of growing up to do, and they’re also both a good bit younger than Benedict. It makes more sense for that growth to happen while Benedict gets the spotlight next season,” said one fan. As the series progresses, fans can only hope Colin comes to his senses.

What happens to the two characters in the books?

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It is still unknown what Bridgerton will get the spotlight in Bridgerton Season 3. The second season developed Benedict’s solo story as the next novel in the series focuses on his romance journey. But the series creators have expressed they will not necessarily follow the book orders. The third season could be about Penelope and Colin.

“We did a lot of work in these first two seasons as far as setting up Penelope and Colin’s love story,” Chris Van Dusen told E! News.

The third book, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, starts an evolving relationship between Penelope and Colin. The second season already used a storyline detail from the book of Colin returning from abroad. In the book, he grows tired of mundane life and “everyone’s preoccupation with the notorious gossip columnist Lady Whistledown.”

When he returns home, he realizes that Penelope is no longer the simple woman he was friends with. Penelope occupies every space in his mind. Colin and Penelope learn each other’s darkest secret, and “this elusive bachelor must decide… is she his biggest threat—or his promise of a happy ending?”

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