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Netflix’s Bridgerton has been a smashing success ever since its premiere in 2020. With the kind of viewership the show has gotten, it was only a matter of time before additional seasons were joined by spinoff properties. That’s finally come to pass, with the series’ newest season and a new show related to it set to premiere at some point next year.

‘Bridgerton’ and its spinoff will release new episodes in 2023

The cast of 'Bridgerton' Series 2 at its world premiere at Tate Modern in London, England
The cast of ‘Bridgerton’ Series 2 | Lia Toby/Getty Images

Bridgerton has been one of Netflix’s biggest shows, so it’s only natural that it would eventually become its own franchise. To the delight of many, this takes the form of a prequel series called Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Both series will be comprised of eight episodes running an average of 1 hour per episode, matching the previous seasons. As far as content, things have been kept relatively under wraps for the time being, leaving fans to speculate endlessly about what each will be about.

What we know so far is that, counter to how they’ve done things so far, Bridgerton‘s newest season is set to make a big change. According to Deadline, the show will skip ahead in the book lineup to adapt the fourth novel instead of the third. This sets up Colin as our focus character for the season, hopefully meaning we’ll get to see a resolution to Penelope’s one-sided feelings for him.

On the other hand, Queen Charlotte has a bit more to go off of. As explained in TimeOut‘s write-up on the series, the prequel will follow the titular Queen Charlotte before the events of Bridgerton. As always, the show will be loosely based on actual events, so the showrunners will have a lot to pull from going off the outlandish historical figures the characters represent. In particular, it will look at how Queen Charlotte became who she is in the series and her romance with the unstable King George.

‘Queen Charlotte’ is one and done, but ‘Bridgerton’ will have at least one more season

As tantalizing as Queen Charlotte sounds just from the brief, it’s not going to be a long-running series. Unlike something like Better Call Saul, the creators planned Queen Charlotte to be a single-season limited series from the start. However, as the TimeOut write-up quips, there’s always a chance that changes. One can only imagine the series will be as similarly a monumental hit as the rest of the franchise, so maybe the creators will decide there’s more to Queen Charlotte’s story than they first expected.

As for Bridgerton itself, it has at least another season in the works. As The Hollywood Reporter said back in April, Season 4 was greenlit at the same time as Season 3. Considering there are eight Bridgerton novels, however, that’s led many to assume fans might be in for four more seasons to come on top of that. Only time will tell, though.

Both series could release at the same time thanks to streaming


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As of this time, there isn’t a set release date for either series. While Queen Charlotte is currently in post-production, according to IMDb, Bridgerton is still filming and won’t wrap until the start of 2023. That said, many are expecting a midsummer release for both shows.

A summer release would give both shows ample time to finish up before a simultaneous release. Though it’s just speculation, it’s not unusual for Netflix to release related shows like this, be they spinoffs and main series or multiple seasons of completed or ongoing shows. Strike while the iron is hot, so they say.

While traditional broadcasting would see this as both shows competing against each other for an audience, streaming and Netflix’s binge-able format means that’s not really a problem. There’s plenty of room to watch both shows at once or one shortly after the other. There’s no competition and more episodes for fans to enjoy.