Brie Larson and Her ‘Captain Marvel’ Trainer Jason Walsh Show You How to Work Out at Home With No Weights

Brie Larson started a YouTube channel on July 2. Topics have ranged from Animal Crossing to amplifying Black voices. On July 30, Larson shared a workout designed by her Captain Marvel trainer, Jason Walsh. Walsh is the one who had Larson pushing his Jeep up a hill. He came up with a bodyweight workout Larson could do at home. You can watch the video below and work out alongside Larson and Walsh.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Brie Larson and Jason Walsh’s Marvelous 90 minute workout in 10 minutes

Larson says this was her first workout in quarantine. Lockdowns due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began in the U.S. in March, so that’s four months of down time for Larson. 

“Hey friends! Thanks for joining,” Larson wrote on YouTube. “Don’t let this fool you, this was the first time I worked out all quarantine. Big thanks to Jason for virtually getting my muscles to ache (and letting me eat a 🍪 as my pre-workout)! Be sure to follow him below! If you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see me do next, let me know in the comments below!”

Captain Marvel
Brie Larson | Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

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The workout portion of the video runs about 10 minutes, plus Larson’s intro and outro. Larson was hoping for a 10 minute workout, but Walsh in fact kept her sweating for 90.

“I tried to do something easy,” Larson said. “I was like Jason why don’t we do like a 10 minute workout video? We all just want to work out for 10 minutes really, right? It was not 10 minutes long. I would call this The Tale of the 10 Minute Long Workout That Was Actually an Hour and a Half if this was a title and a chapter in my life.”

Warming up with Brie Larson and Jason Walsh

Larson snacked on a cookie as Walsh explained the workout they were about to do.

I knew that you probably haen’t worked out in months. So what we’re going to do is just a reintroduction. I want to wake the body up. We’re going to go through movements. We’re going to exploit these movements, and slow the tempo down. You don’t need weights. We’re going to move through these exercises pretty quickly. The idea is to keep yourself off the ground. I want to keep your body with intension. You just want to keep a constant tension. We want to keep moving around so we’re going to innervate the muscles. We’re going to turn them back on. We’re going to start re-establishing circulation and nervous patterns.

Jason Walsh, Brie Larson YouTube video 7/30/2020
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Men’s Fitness

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Warmup exercises included sumo squats to stretch the groin and lateral shifting, lunging side to side in the squat. Walsh added a lateral reach behind while pushing the knees apart, and ultimately Larson lay on her back bringing her knees side to side. That move will be familiar to people who do yoga.

Getting into Jason Walsh’s flow

Walsh called the main workout The Flow. Exercises involved variations on planking, yoga poses like Half Moon and Upward Dog. In planks, Walsh would half Larson walk her body forward and back or reach through on either side. 

“I feel my mortality in a way that I haven’t in a while,” Larson said during the workout. 

The final section of the workout, called The Finish, looked like the most intense moves. Squat jumps are what they sound like. You jump but land in a squat and hten go again. Standing Single Leg Hip Extension to Squat looks like a Half Moon pose in Yoga, but again, Larson had to squat on her standing leg. 

Cooling Down with Captain Marvel

Butterfly poses to stretch the hips and more yoga stretches helped Larson cool down. If you imagine doing 10 reps or so of each exercise, you can imagine this workout taking 90 minutes. 

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“It’s unclear if anyone’s actually going to do the workout along with us or just enjoy watching me struggle,” Larson said.  

After posting the video, Larson added the following message to her viewers.

“So what do we think…” Larson wrote. “Should workout videos be a mainstay on this channel? Let me know if you want to see more of my training – or something totally different!”