Brie Larson Isn’t Interested In Trolling Her Haters

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are excited about the new Captain Marvel movie. However, the leading star, Brie Larson, is causing some major problems for the film’s box office numbers.

Her politics have caused some fans to go so far as to boycott the film. But Larson doesn’t seem concerned at all. Here’s what we know about the situation. 

Brie Larson’s politics caused controversy online

Brie Larson on the red carpet
Brie Larson | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Larson is outspoken with her political opinion and considers herself a feminist. She was a big supporter of the “Time’s Up” movement, which sought to put an end to sexual harassment of women in the industry. But some think that Larson takes her support for women too far, to the extent that it’s hurtful towards men.

This has drawn attention from many online, who claim they don’t want to support an actress who pushes hateful rhetoric. A boycott of Captain Marvel movies was organized by Jack Posobiec, who told CNN that it’s time to “stop giving money to people who hate us.” 

The attention on Larson seems to have intensified after her comment about white male movie-reviewers. In a 2018 speech at the Crystal + Lucy Awards, Larson said. “I don’t want to hear what a white man has to say about ‘A Wrinkle in Time.’ I want to hear what a woman of color or a biracial woman has to say about the film. I want to hear what teenagers think about the film.”

According to those who support the boycott, Hollywood should be promoting women, but it doesn’t mean they have to bash men.  

Brie Larson hasn’t even noticed the backlash

The controversy surrounding the Captain Marvel movie has become big news. So it was no surprise when, during an interview with Variety, Larson was asked for her thoughts on the matter. However, Larson didn’t seem to know what all the fuss was about. 

“Oh, I didn’t even know,” Larson said. “I don’t have time for it, you know? The things that I have extra time to really look at are, like: Am I eating healthy food? Am I drinking water? Am I meditating? Have I called my mom today?”

Larson’s attitude is totally understandable, considering how harmful the online world can become at times. However, for the sake of her career, she may want to have some idea what people are saying, especially when her comments are the main complaint. 

“I’ve never Googled myself,” Larson continued. “I have genuinely never needed to look at the internet to explain to me who I am. I’m extremely committed to that in my day-to-day life!”

Should Brie Larson be paying more attention?

On one hand, Larson seems to have a really healthy attitude about other people’s opinions. It wouldn’t be healthy for her to obsess about what others are saying about her. She’s right to make her health a priority. 

But on the other hand, because her career is all about entertaining people, and depends on the public’s support, it might be detrimental for Larson to ignore the public completely.

At some point, the other people involved with her films are going to want her to respond to the criticism. And in the long run, other directors may not want to hire her for another movie, if she comes with too much bad press. 

The best case would be for Larson to understand why some are upset and be able to respond to their concerns, without becoming overwhelmed or upset by the criticism.

She’ll need to find a way to support women and the causes that are important to her, without the public feeling that they’re being attacked. As supporters of the boycott pointed out, it is possible to support women without bashing men.