‘Bringing up Bates’: The Bates Family Announces a Birth and a Wedding on Day of Show Cancelation

The sudden cancelation of Bringing Up Bates raised suspicion among Bates family followers. UpTV’s decision to cancel the upcoming season after much of it had been filmed isn’t the only thing that seems a bit out of place, though. Followers note that the Bates family made two major announcements on the same day as UpTV announced the end of the series. Now they want to know if the announcements were purposefully timed. 

UpTV cancels ‘Bringing Up Bates’ ahead of season 11 premiere 

UpTV’s has officially canceled its long-running reality TV show, Bringing Up Bates. The cancelation of a show is not exactly strange, though. Except, of course, when its timing is off. The series was due to premiere its 11th season in just a matter of weeks. Instead, the network opted to pull the plug. The network stated that they had initially planned to release a new season but decided to move toward more scripted programming. The oddly timed cancelation has led to many questions. Neither UpTV nor the Bates family is willing to give fans and critics any real answers. 

Male members of the Bates family from 'Bringing Up Bates' standing on a porch
‘Bringing Up Bates’ | UPtv

Without any concrete answers, Bates family followers have taken to the internet to discuss the cancelation instead. During conversations, followers pointed out that the Bates family made two other major announcements on the same day, leading to further suspicions. 

Erin and Chad Payne announce the birth of their child, and Lawson Bates announces his wedding date on the same day 

On the same day that UpTV opted to cancel the show, Erin and Chad Paine announced their newest addition. The couple announced the birth of Finley Marie Paine just hours after her arrival. Finley is the couple’s fifth child and fourth daughter. 

Group photo of the Bates family of UPtv's 'Bringing Up Bates'
The Bates family | Christopher Martin/UP TV via Getty Images

While the announcement’s timing could be a coincidence, Chad and Erin did opt to deviate from a previous birth announcement. In 2019, the couple welcomed their fourth child, Holland Grace Paine. The baby was born on November 26. The couple did not announce her arrival on Instagram until the following day, though. Baby number 3, Everly Hope Paine, was born on March 30, 2018. Chad and Erin announced her birth later the same day, so there is some precedent.

Chad and Erin weren’t the only couple making announcements on the same day that UpTV announced the cancelation of Bringing Up Bates. Lawson Bates and his fiancee, Tiffany Espensen, opted to officially share their wedding date with the public on January 18. The couple will wed on May 11. UpTV was reportedly on hand to film their October engagement. It appears that UpTV planned to include the footage in the now-canceled season.  

Bates family followers theorize that the announcements were timed 

While both happy announcements were welcomed and celebrated by fans of the Bates family, family critics have some questions. Reddit users have theorized that the Bates family opted to release two pieces of news in an attempt to overshadow the cancelation announcement. The theory suggests that the family is attempting to deflect attention because a scandal is forthcoming. Whether that theory holds water remains to be seen. 


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The Duggar family, whom the Bateses remain close to, have been accused of doing the same over the years. Most recently, Duggar family critics theorized that Jim Bob Duggar asked several of his children to post life events during the period between Josh Duggar’s arrest and his trial. Whether it was a real strategy or not remains unknown. A jury found Josh Duggar guilty on two child pornography charges on December 9. The Bates family has never publicly commented on Josh’s arrest.