‘Bringing up Bates’: Carlin Bates Admits to Being Dumped

Bringing Up Bates star, Carlin Bates, seems happy and satisfied with her life. Married with a baby, Carlin seems content, but her relationship with her husband, Evan Stewart, didn’t start out like most of the family’s courtship. In fact, Carlin was dating someone else when she first spied Evan. The revelation has left fans reeling and seeking out the answer to one crucial question; who was Carlin dating before meeting Evan?

Carlin Bates admits she has been dumped

The Bates family clearly does relationships a little bit differently than the Duggars. In a YouTube video, Carlin, who happens to be best friends with Joy-Anna Duggar, admitted that she had been dumped before. In fact, she said she was in a relationship when she first met her husband, Evan Stewart. Carlin and Evan were married in May 2019, and share one child.

The couple, who shared the story of how they met with fans, have been uploading YouTube videos in recent months. They’ve mostly shared stories about their young daughter, but have also taken to producing videos based on popular YouTube tags. It seems as though Evan and Carlin are attempting to make YouTube work for them, just like Jessa Duggar has been using YouTube to grow her audience.

Was Carlin Bates dating Joe Duggar?

Carlin didn’t mention who she dated before meeting her husband, but family followers seem to believe that Carlin may have dated Joe Duggar. Joe, who married Kendra Caldwell in 2017, spent a lot of time at the Bates’ home in Tennessee before meeting his wife.

Joe was reportedly spending time with the Bates because he was attending a local bible college. Family followers seem to think there was another reason for Joe’s regular visits, and the timeline does seem to work out. Joe was pictured with the Bates family a ton between 2015 and 2016. He disappeared from their photos about six months before he began courting Kendra.

Neither Carlin nor Joe appears to be interested in confirming or denying their prior relationship.  If the couple did have a relationship, it likely never made it to courtship. Family followers believe the couple, if anything, engaged in some pre-courtship flirting before figuring out that they weren’t a good fit.

Carlin isn’t the only Bates sibling who has experienced heartbreak

Getting dumped is a pretty common issue for young adults as they enter the dating world. People rarely marry the first person they date, although the concept of courtship is supposed to help young adults avoid heartbreak altogether. Even with courtship, sometimes relationships don’t work out, and the Bates family seems to know all about navigating a heartbreak.

Carlin has now confirmed a failed relationship, just weeks after her brother, Trace Bates, announced he had ended a courtship with a woman he saw for several months. Nathan Bates also ended a courtship back in 2016, and the family’s eldest son, Zach Bates, dealt with heartbreak before meeting his now-wife, Whitney Perkins.


The Duggar family, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care for the idea of announcing failed relationships. The only Duggar who has admitted to a failed courtship is Josiah Duggar. There are, however, rumors that both Jana Duggar and Josh Duggar had relationships that didn’t end in marriage. Jana has confirmed that she has had interested suitors,  but has stopped short at confirming a failed courtship.