‘Bringing up Bates’: Carlin Bates Suggest There Will Be 2 Bates Family Weddings This Year

The Bates family has a lot to celebrate lately. The reality TV family, best known for their show, Bringing Up Bates, is expanding quickly. Several new romances have cropped up in recent months, but wedding dates have not yet been announced. That hasn’t stopped fans from speculation. Carlin Bates gave fans a little hint about how many weddings to expect this year. So, who will be tying the knot before 2021 is in the books?

Bringing Up Bates star, Carlin Bates, speculated about the number of Bates family weddings that will be held this year

2020 was a weird year for everyone. The pandemic brought much of the world to an absolute standstill, but love still managed to bloom in Tennessee for the Bates family. Three family members began romances in 2020 that have since turned serious, and Carlin thinks she knows how many people will be tying the knot this year.

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In an Instagram Live event, Carlin happily answered fan questions. One fan asked the reality TV star to reveal how many Bates siblings would say “I Do” before 2021 is over. Carlin coyly suggested that she thinks two weddings will be taking place. Fans are certain that Katie Bates will get married this year, but they can’t agree on who the other wedding will involve. There are two options.

Katie Bates made it pretty obvious that she would be getting married soon

Katie and her beau, Travis Clark, announced their courtship in March 2020. The young couple has managed to make a long-distance relationship work, and now they are ready to take things to the next level. Katie announced her engagement on April 8 via Instagram.

'Bringing Up Bates' stars, the Bates family, pose for a promotional photo in front of their home in Tennessee
The Bates family | James Ambler / Barcroft USA / Getty Images

While the news remains relatively fresh, Katie and Travis appear to be in a rush to get down the aisle. Katie almost immediately started planning her wedding, and she’s been keeping fans updated on her progress. Katie already picked her bridal party and her wedding date. She recently informed followers that the date isn’t far off. Surely, she and Travis will be husband and wife before the year is out.

Will Nathan Bates or Lawson Bates tie the knot this year?

While Katie’s wedding date is apparently set, Nathan Bates and Lawson Bates haven’t exactly made things official just yet. Nathan has been dating Esther Keyes for several months. Lawson Bates went public with Tiffany Espensen in February 2021. The brothers’ relationship timelines seem almost identical, so either one could realistically get married.

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Tiffany and Lawson aren’t shy about social media. While they revealed that they have been together for seven months in a recent YouTube video, they haven’t announced an engagement. It seems unlikely that the photogenic couple would shy away from sharing the news. If Tiffany hasn’t shown off her ring on Instagram it probably doesn’t exist yet. Even if they were to get engaged in the next three months, it would be a tight squeeze to fit a wedding in before the new year.

Nathan seems the most likely to planning a wedding in 2021. While Nathan and Esther haven’t revealed an engagement either, they are a lot shier about sharing personal information on social media. Bates family followers have also noticed that Esther appears to be hiding her hand in recent pictures. If she is, the couple may be already engaged and planning a surprise wedding.