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‘Bringing Up Bates’: Carlin and Evan Stewart Dragged for Their Pregnancy Announcement Venue Choice

The Bates family will be adding another face to their ever-expanding group. While no one is surprised by that, they are surprised and annoyed that Carlin and Evan Stewart decided to announce their pregnancy with a photo shoot in the middle of a Target store

Bringing up Bates stars Carlin and Evan Stewart will soon become a family of four. The duo announced their second pregnancy on Aug. 30, 2021. While the pregnancy announcement surprised almost no one, fans aren’t thrilled with how the couple chose to share the big news. In fact, Bates family followers are dragging the Stewarts for publishing inauthentic content, using a big box store for their amusement, and completely ignoring the current coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis in their home state of Tennessee. 

Carlin and Evan Stewart are expecting baby #2

Carlin and Evan have announced that they are expecting their second child. The couple, who married in May 2019, are already parents to Layla Stewart. Layla was born in January 2020, less than nine months after Carlin and Evan wed. The couple has been documenting Layla’s early life on their YouTube channel. 

Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart kiss in a YouTube video about their relationship
Carlin Bates, Evan Stewart, and Layla Rae | Carlin Bates via Instagram

Carlin and Evan’s second pregnancy announcement was no shock to Bates family followers and fans. Duggar Data predicted the couple would announce a pregnancy on Aug. 20, 2021. The prediction was changed more than once to accommodate a gap between pregnancies longer than average for the Bates family. According to the same prediction model, several Duggar family members are also due to make big announcements. It seems unlikely those announcements will be as public, though.  

Bates family followers drag the couple for their choice of announcement venue

While no one was surprised by the pregnancy announcement, Bates family followers were shocked and a bit perturbed by how the couple decided to announce their big news. Instead of a home-based photoshoot, Carlin, Evan, and their daughter, Layla, took to Target to take photos. The announcement photos featured Carlin, Evan, and Layla with a shopping cart full of baby goods. 

Bates family followers were quick to drag the young couple. One Reddit user noted that the family’s Instagram content has become more inauthentic as time has gone on. Some family followers insist that Carlin and Evan are both trying too hard to live an Instagram-inspired lifestyle. Several former and current retail workers noted that the couple’s decision to utilize the store for their own personal photoshoot was inconsiderate to employees and other shoppers. They did not mention if the photoshoot was sponsored in any way, leading most followers to assume it wasn’t. 

Some fans note that the photo session inside a working store without facemasks indicates that neither Evan nor Carlin are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously. The couple calls Tennessee home. The state, like many others, is experiencing a surge of cases that threatens to upend its healthcare system. According to People, both Carlin and Evan battled the virus back in August 2020. 

When is Carlin Stewart due with her second child? 

Carlin and Evan’s big, Target-themed announcement left out one key piece of information. The couple did not share their due date with Bates family fans and followers. Still, there is a way to figure that out. Carlin and Evan revealed that they are expecting baby number 2 in 2022, so, at the very least, we know a surprise Christmas baby isn’t going to happen. 

The Bates family stand in a circle in Lake City, Tennessee
The Bates family | James Ambler/Barcroft USA/Getty Images

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The couple’s YouTube video about their pregnancy clarifies that they found out Carlin was pregnant in late July 2021. Based on that information, it’s easy to ascertain that Stewart #2 will arrive in the Spring of 2022. But, when exactly? Duggar Data predicts that the couple’s second child will be born on Apr. 9, 2022, although it seems just as likely that the new addition will arrive in March instead.